FIFA 11 PS3 vs Xbox 360 HD Screenshot Comparison

In this screenshot check they compared the PS3 version to the Xbox 360 one of FIFA 11. Which on looks better?

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jay22889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Wow, the PS3 build is so much briter and clearer, it's like compairing a 2nd Gen iPod touches screen to the new 4th gen (which I did today I'm going to buy one soon), well done EA team.

Jaybad542889d ago

I played both last night (geeked out and had them running split screen at one point - side by side). IMO the xbox version looks better, it also seems to play slightly faster, so ill be going for that version. Looked nothing like these screenshots...

ProjectVulcan2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

FIFA has been near identical on the consoles for years now. Makes little difference which you choose, and also Pc is on the scene now too, which means if you wanted the best looking version you would get that.

Here is a 1080p shot of the PC build i took myself today:

However which version you choose is more likely to be down to which controller you prefer, and where you play your online games...

Joule2889d ago

Yeah the Ps3 version looks slightly sharper

niceguywii602889d ago

This German site isn't trusted outside the Sony camp and for good reason.

YoshiMeetsU2889d ago


Look at the first screen and the 360 version purposely captured to make it overly blurry. The game in no place looks that ridiculously blurry. Not to mention most of LoT and DF findings are usually the same but almost always the opposite of what this lame site finds.

Motorola2889d ago

@Jay you hurt my Ipod touch's feelings. :(

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HOSe2889d ago

im still looking forward to the fifa game where EA makes the grass dynamic!

2889d ago
newhumanbreed2889d ago

Lol sports video games. I rather go out and play the actual sport than play it in a video game..

BYE2889d ago

Lol Grand Theft Auto. I rather go out and...

The Meerkat2889d ago

Lol Leisure Suit Larry. I rather go out and...

chanto232889d ago

Lol Playboy Mansion games. I rather go out and...

ad4mb2889d ago

Lol sims games, I rather go out and... oh wait.

Snakefist302889d ago

Lol Call of duty.I rather go out and...

lolzers2889d ago

Lol, I'd rather go out killing people than do it in a video game...

*sharpens knife*

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zu4G2889d ago

the time is now..
ea does love playstation.. PS3 now is now the lead platformer

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