PS3 FW: 3.50 Will it bring cross game chat ?

Sony has just announced at the Tokyo Game Show that the next PS3 update 3.50 will include support for Blu-ray movie playback.
The new update will be released on September 21st and make all 38 million PS3s worldwide compatible with Blu-ray 3D discs.


more details can be found on our youtube:

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Pennywise3013d ago

It was just a matter of time some idiot wrong this artic- ugh Blog.

XGame chat is big enough that Sony would announce it. It won't be a hidden feature.

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butterfinger3013d ago

I don't see cross-game chat being a hidden feature in one of these updates. Sony will be very proud to announce it when it is available.

avengers19783012d ago

I really don't care. If they bring it then I would use it, but really it's not that big a deal to me.

n4gno3012d ago

you are not alone, only xbox's fanboyz try to believe it's a big deal, like the backward compatibility, but most of gamers don't care.

jwk943012d ago

I'm longing for XGame Chat and I own a ps3 and not a 360 dude, don't make assumptions.

WildArmed3012d ago

They said they'd be small additional features..
why can't people just fuking wait..
they said they'll go into detail about fw 3.5 update very soon -.-

FACTUAL evidence3012d ago

No. XGC won't come til around 2012. Be patient for another 2 years please.

BrianB3012d ago

its amazing how a feature thats so demanded by the ps3 fanboys, is also downplayed by them when arguing against XBL, hypocritical fanbase

raztad3012d ago

Why do you talk as is the same person speaking both sides?

Some dont care, some do. It is as simple as that.

BTW. Pointless speculative article fails.

I'm more concerned about performance than anything else. PS3 OS memory footprint is big enough as it is right now (50M or so). I hope Sony find a way to free some more memory, which can only benefit new games..

JD_Shadow3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Maybe because PS3 gamers see it as a good feature that if they don't have it won't cause them to hate everything about it, while the 360 fanboys taunt them by claiming X-Game chat on the 360 is the second coming of Christ that will absolutely KILL PSN if it's not in there.

In other words, it'd be a nice feature to have, but it's not like they're demanding refunds of their PSN+ subscriptions because of its absence.

[email protected]: He's probably just trolling. We all know that's one way of getting started (leaving a trap so people can "expose" their "hypocrisy" by claiming there's no middle ground on the topic. As you can clearly see, it's not a well thought out trap).

WildArmed3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

stereotypical much?
I dont think you understand what opinions are... and how stereotyping a group makes you look stupid.

Once you do, come back and re-read your sentence.

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yoghurt3013d ago

and I STILL don't see why people want cross-game-chat, strange if you ask me

in what situation would you want to talk to someone, while you are playing a game and they're playing something different?

RPcinemas3013d ago

if you have friends maybe ?
its not necessarily a different game cross chat, some people would like the idea of private chat in say call of duty without some annoying kid screaming down the mic every minute.

8-bit3012d ago

I play Killzone 2 a lot and I'll do the same with KZ3. The games have the ability to do voice chat. I play with a clan and often we are logging into the game at different times and still need to talk while it's loading. Finding a room or a clan war would just be easier if we were in a cross game voice chat so that we could be spread around instead of waiting in the same lobby. Just makes life easier.

yoghurt3012d ago

Ok, so I think I see why now
See I just text/phone to arrange games etc, but I guess this feature just makes it easier to do in one place

FFXI1013012d ago

It depends I guess. For example, I was playing COD4 while two of my friends were playing Blur I found it was annoying to listen to their conversation.

We are playing two different games and to hear them talking about the stragy only distract me while I was playing COD4, therefor I would not use this feature if we were playing different game. but that's just me.

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