GameBlurb: First Ten Minutes Of The Enslaved Demo

Ninja Theory’s upcoming multiplatform title Enslaved: Odyssey to the West snuck into the European PlayStation Store yesterday almost unannounced. This first ten minutes of the game will provide a good impression of the play mechanics as well as a look at the games beautiful visuals. Unfortunately, it will give you a glimpse of something you do not want to experience – its poor performance.

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MicrocutsX22891d ago

Looking good! May need to preorder this.

jc485732891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

then I consider you check out the TGS/Epic trailer of Castlevania Lords of Shadow. Too many games are coming out and it's always best to spend your money on the best games first.

Edit: Alright, I also want to hint out that the trailer will remind you of Metal Gear Solid style trailers.

TEFL0N_D0N_812891d ago

I agree. Plus that pre-order bonus t-shirt actually looks pretty dope.

(yes I pre-ordered it on that day)

BkaY2890d ago

game looks beautiful... love the theme and i have a feeling that its gonna be good story wise...

65% buying attraction....

now bad parts... controls are too light... it should be little bit heavier..
and platforming is too easy .. you can do it with you eyes closed (i tried it) and it works... lol


junk3d2891d ago

I downloaded this last night and gave it a go. While I really want to like it because it had some decent combat and the platforming reminds me of uncharted, the performance kills it for me. Let's hope something changes before shipping the game.

liquidxtension2891d ago

Yeah the platforming really reminded me of uncharted but I think that's a good thing. No performance issues here or at least I didn't notice.

Cerberus21252891d ago

I'm on the same boat,there is something about the platforming that its killing it for me,the platforming fells automatic,and monkey fells liter than a feather,

mantisimo2891d ago

Monkey feels way too light the controls are too responsive, (never thought I'd say that) Monkey needs to control a little heavier and it would be a lot more playable.

Maybe they made the controls so light to avoid comparissons but you know what comparisons would make it "feel" a lot better.

Also yes the platforming looks beautiful but is way too generic and automatic.

I'ts not too late to tweek the mechanics a bit is it? I really, really want this game but I don't think I'd enjoy it too much with it's present controls. (the platforming I can ignore)

I do think that hopefully the rest of the gameplay (in the vids) looks much more varied so maybe it's just the demo tutorial that feels too programmed.

That said please make the monkey feel heavier!

junk3d2891d ago

Unfortunately the game comes out in a few weeks. So it is highly unlikely anything will change from now to then. :(

mantisimo2891d ago

Yeah man I know what you're saying the testers need to be shot.

Saladfax2891d ago

I just finished playing through AC: II recently, and I don't think the platforming is any worse (in terms of ease) than the two-button free-running in that franchise. Don't get me wrong, I love it, and it provides a nice way of seeing a lot of beautiful scenery/an awesome feel of free-spirited movement. It's still pretty easy for the most part (except for when I faceplanted into Venice streets X_x)

Although it does seem that the most apt comparison would be Uncharted, which, while not difficult and mostly linear, still has a sense of weight and challenge to the platforming. This kind of makes the platforming thus far in Enslaved seem a little constrained.

Although I didn't notice any tearing, frame-rate, or technical issues. Even if there is, I'm still in it for the solid script, creativity, and direction (Alex Garland and Andy Serkis \m/ )

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Kiroe2891d ago

Well, the PlayStation 3 has always had a history of performance issues with the Unreal 3 engine. Seems like Epic just doesn't want to get it on par with the Xbox 360 build.

evildeli2891d ago

I thought the Unreal 3 engine was outdated.

ElDorado2891d ago

a good game, but for me Heavenly Sword looked better, except for the colors. The framerate was real shitty and irritating from what I saw from the demo. I'll still pick this one up though.

evildeli2891d ago

Good looking game so far

josh143992891d ago

the only performance problem i noticed when playing was screen tearing. The gameplay felt smooth apart from the noticeable delay with jumps which isn't an fps problem.

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