Microsoft: Xbox 'Default Platform For Gamers'

NowGamer: at TGS Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg has stated his belief that Xbox has become the "default platform for gamers"...

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Gamester1012772d ago

On what basis? I used to find this idiot funny, but now he's just tiresome.

iamnsuperman2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

"We're also done our own research. We believe this will be the biggest launch in our history, for Xbox. We will sell more Kinect sensors than we did [systems] at Xbox 360 launch" apparently they have done research and they are not going to go into the kind of research they have done which is suspicious

DEA Fresh2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

This guy works for MS. He gets paid very good money to make sure Xbox is successful. He drops a line in an interview and people get so worked up about it. You can read these comments and tell people aren't just trolling. For some reason they really have hate and anger in them for a company/brand that has done nothing to them.

I don't understand defending and or bashing one console with such passion. Do you get mad at your friends who drive different cars, listen to different music, have a different brand microwave? like wtf is the big deal. This is video games, not politics. Just enjoy them.

ChronoJoe2772d ago

People get annoyed/angry, because they believe Microsoft makes their system worse. It's not like with other brands, like a microwave, the more success the 360 sees, the less the competition sees - and in this industry that matters as it directly relates to support for the console they have purchased, and the general welfare of there investment on the platform.

Not that I hold such beliefs though. Just explaining it.

Immortal3212772d ago

then false because, without multiplat games the 360 have nothing new or refreshing. Not only that, its the only console I know, out now, this gen scratches disc.

Besides if those gamers you so called believe that the 360 is the default platform, likes the following games, Halo, Gears, or MW2, then I agree the 360 is the default system for those particular gamers.

Trebius2772d ago

while his ship is sinking.

They need to get with the program, before the program gets THEM!


ExplosionSauce2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

The guy gets paid to say these sort of things.

If I were to take him seriously I'd be like:
"OMG really? I'm a gamer and I didn't even know that the 360 should have been my preferred system,
by default" Lol

But anyways, 360 and PS3 both sell pretty evenly. Each gamer has their own preference.
So there is no "default" for gamers in general. Maybe if we were machines programmed to rely on something by default...but now I'm just blabbering on.
I sleep now -.- k bye

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DelbertGrady2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Asked why Japanese studios were flocking to the Xbox 360, Greenberg added:

"I think we've become the default platform for gamers. And what you see in Japan is that there are a lot of creators who like to make core games, and that's their heritage. If you think about someone like Inafune-san, or Suda 51..."

Kinect is the final piece of the puzzle explained Greenberg.
"They want to build new experiences with Kinect," he said, adding that Microsoft expects big things from the motion control peripheral.

The rage towards MS has escalated recently. I wonder if it has something to do with the success of Halo: Reach or the fact that they announced 5 core games, all by Japanese studios, for Kinect at TGS?

@iamnsuperman - It will take alot for me to pick up Kinect. There are too many non-motion games I'm looking forward to at the moment so I wouldn't have time for it anyways. Halo: Reach will probably be getting more or less all of my focus the coming three months. With a little Fable 3 and NFS Hot Pursuit on the side, if I find time.

iamnsuperman2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Lets not jump the gun just yet when we haven't seen gameplay footage yet for the core games and especially the ones with Kinect being used..... Halo Reach was successful but that is not the reason for the hate.... I am only assuming from what I am feeling and its down to no-one likes a cocky business its intoxicating and the fact the haven't supported their loyal fans....Lets hope these Kinect hardcore games are real games and not on rail games (what we have seen so far from the "harcore" kinect games)

Raikiri2772d ago

I know right?

PS3 fanboys are just the worse they just don't want 360 owners to have games

And they come up with excuses like..
No Buttons = Still Casual

And US is not the world (Although 360 still sells more worldwide)

Kinect has allot of potential and Halo: Reach is set to be the most successful Exclusive game this generation(counting out those other Wii Shovelware crap)they just don't like that fact

bustamove2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

360 fanboys also don't like the fact that a) Sony is receiving more first party exclusives for the PS3, b) The PS3 is catching up to the 360 and will most likely surpass it, c) It's no longer a so-called bluray player, c) They're receiving the same dose of medicine they dished out since 2007, and d) The gaming catalog is running thin and Microsoft is running out of things to say.

I could go on and on about this but it is what it is.

fr0sty2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

What a cocky ass. The "default" platform for gamers still to this day is the one that the most of them own. Wii (as far as this gen goes). DS as well. PSP even before 360. and saying your platform is "default" when your competitor, who is only 4-5 million units behind you, is getting much better games and by far the most exclusives is foolish. Also at a time where you are releasing consoles incapable of even playing certain parts of your games without an upgrade (forza 3, halo reach), while the competition is showcasing standard hard drives and features you will never fully have such as 3D. when the press has hailed the competitions motion controller as much more accurate and having a much more diverse game library than your own, you can hardly claim to be the "default" platform. and the most laughable aspect of this entire article, this quote comes on the heels of a Japanese game show, in a land where 360's competition is outselling it by no less than 4 to 1.

to quote walther...

"Tiresome and sad.

Xbox 360 - last place in Asia

Xbox 360 - last place in Europe

Xbox 360 - 2nd place in the US "

dosgrtr2772d ago

no one is jealous of the success of 360 or ps3,only if douches like these make such statements then it's annoying,i mean how can 360 be the default platform for gamers considering there are 38 million ps3's and 70 million+ wii's

Boody-Bandit2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Xbox 360 - 1st place in none.

"Greenburg is tiresome."
^Truer words never spoken.

Greenburg, how about instead of talking numbers, hyping, marketing and PR spining what little you (MS) do have to death? You (MS) actually open or purchase studios instead of relying on the same few exclusives (most of which are also on the PC) and marketing multiplatform games as your own?

They spend more money on marketing, DLC and timed exclusives then they do on creating or developing new IP's. Oh wait, do they even create new IP's? What was the last new IP they brought to the table this generation that was exclusive only to the XBox 360? I'm not being a smart ass. I sincerely want to know?

Oh and before anyone cries foul and calls me a fanboy. I game evenly on the PS3 and 360. Right now I am still turning laps on Forza 3. Racing sims are my favorite genre and I spend coin on racing cockpits to play them on. When GT5 is released you guys wont see for weeks other than a quick post or two!

Greenburg needs to simply STFU and go tell the company he works for Halo, Gears, Fable and Forza are not enough to keep your hopes alive in the gaming industry. Stop wasting money on things that don't matter and start spending it on studio support.

Edit: I already remember what exclusive new IP they brought to the table. Alan Wake. MS didn't even market that game that took 5 years to make and it is struggling to hit a million sold mark. Now there are rumors there might not even be a sequel. This is MS for you guys. Cash in on what's hot and to damn with everything else.

Sorry but most people like a variety. Shooters will only get you so far. Yes I knopw there is more to the 360 than shooters but that genre is primarily what MS puts their money behind and what yields them the biggest numbers. <- You know, what MS is in love with. Numbers and not gaming.

Armyntt2772d ago

I hardly get into these pissin contests about sales but if the 360 sold less than 5 million its first year out and the "lead" is 5 million and u take away M$ first year "headstart" than hasnt M$ then sold more units during the same time frame? Im not pouring gasoline just stating from the facts ive seen. Since VGChartz dont count show me a link proving #'s then. I dont care but the 1 year head start seems bunk to me. Im not fightin i own both so just sayin.

ChronoJoe2772d ago

None of the games announced at TGS, were 'core' games. They might be based off of corse IPs, but they are fundamentally casual, I'm afraid.

XactGamer2772d ago

The 360 and PS3 are first place in nothing accept Xbox Live. Nintendo is laughing all the way to the bank while MS and Sony fight it out for 2nd place. This gen will end like it is now with Wii 1st, 360 2nd, and PS3 3rd.

Armyntt2772d ago

NS it really matters where they finish. They are all makin money and for sure will be around for the next round.

morganfell2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Don't forget the rest of the world. More than the US exists. And in all of those territories except Japan the 360 had an 18 month headstart.

MS sold 5 million in only 3 quarters of their first year (fiscal 2006). Not sure where you are getting your numbers.

The PS3 in two quarters after launch - only the US and Japan, not world wide - managed to sell 3.61 million.

Armyntt2772d ago

Morgan thats fine. I was just looking at VGChartz cause there isnt much else to look for that info. I was just wondering why it matters how much a company sells. Ive got mine youve got yours and each system still is creating games for us. Why does it matter who sold what and how many in that location? I get it though that US does not equal the world in sales but isnt the US the top dog or is that Japan? Either way if M$ sells a gazillion and $ony sells a bagillion what do you or I gain by that? As long as $ony makes GT5 and M$ makes GEOW and every year i get my Madden fix im good to go you know.

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2772d ago
Sez 2772d ago

Where's keven butler.... Lmao I kid

xAlmostPro2772d ago

exactly lol.. wtf..

default platform for gamers.. is the reason i had ps2 before xbox & bought a ps3 before a 360(which i barely play on if im totally honest) ok then microsoft..

avengers19782772d ago

My default system for games is the Playstation, and has been since the first one came out.
And I buy 20+ games a year.
Plus look at the sales in japan for MS, there sad, and there are a ton of gamers there.
It's = to me saying I've done my own research and the PS3 will sell 20 million more units then the 360 when it's all said and done. No proof to it, but you can't prove it wrong either; because no one knows the future.

tinybigman2772d ago

but my default platform is the PS3 then 360, and after that the wii.

frostypants2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Microsoft sounds just like Sony in the mid-late PS2 years.

This train wreck Microsoft is headed toward will be amusing. The question is will they be able to get re-tracked afterwards, like Sony has been able to? I have my doubts.

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josh143992772d ago

maybe early in its life cycle but the only exclusive game for 360 im looking forward to now is gears 2. i suppose halo reach can last me till then.

Raikiri2772d ago

Gears 2 has been out for a while now

B-Real2062772d ago

Not for me. My PS3 has seen way more game hours then my 360 ever has. If it wasn't for my roomate it wouldn't have come on in the last year. I have games I haven't even taken out of the wrapper yet. Huge backlog with more coming in.

If the 360 is cool for you, then so be it but I truly love the playstation brand always slow to start but once the engine is warm it's becomes unstoppable.