Alan Wake DLC Will Feature Depeche Mode (RunDLC)

Poor Alan Wake. It's supposedly the greatest that we haven't played, simply because all these quality titles continue to come out and grab our attention.

Well, perhaps today's DLC news will inspire us to pop the shrink wrap. Developer Remedy Entertainment announced that the next piece of Alan Wake downloadable content will feature The Darkest Star by Depeche Mode.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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TheDCD3010d ago

And not People Are People? That seems a little more

Buff10443010d ago

The song seems decent, especially considering the mood of the game.

kaos_fish II3010d ago

Wouldn't 'Enjoy the Silence' be more fitting?

crzyjackbauer3010d ago

i agree, in the dark forrest just hearing footsteps of the taken
so creepy

lolzers3010d ago

I love that song. I've never been a fan of Depeche Mode but 'Enjoy the Silence' is great.

KiRBY30003010d ago

when is the next DLC? is it free for people who bought the game new? im guessing its not...

ps360owner093010d ago

The next dlc is suppose to come out sometime this fall. The first dlc "the signal" was free for people who bought the game new but this new dlc will not be free.

KiRBY30003010d ago

thx mate, bubble helpful :)

ps360owner093010d ago

thanks for the bubble and you are welcome.

mcstorm3010d ago

Looking forward to this I love the game to me the only thing that let it down was it not having a online mode even a zombie mode would of been good.

I hope they bring a 2nd game out and MS help push the game because I think it could be the next Rez game.

dragonelite3010d ago

I say yes for more alan wake it was my goty but now reach is the inner halo fanboy in me is just to strong.

jony_dols3010d ago

yup very Alan Wakeesque

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