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NowGamer previews Child of Eden on Xbox 360 and speaks to creator Tetsuya Miziguchi about Kinect implementation - "Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s next project has been called several things – ‘the sequel to Rez’ being the simplest, but perhaps one of the most fundamentally exciting potential pulls of this hallucinogenic rhythm-action shooter. However, it’s also being championed by some as the first game to elevate upcoming motion controller Kinect beyond the realms of cuddling baby tigers and running on the spot."

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BubbleSystemSuck2773d ago

is how people on LSD feels... lol.

Lucy in the Sky

2773d ago
fastrez2773d ago

Nah, it really wasn't.

niceguywii602773d ago

No it was not. Sounds like a pathetic fanboy making a retarded bitter reactionary remark.

nnotdead2773d ago

im going with funny. people really should laugh more.

buffig2773d ago

alright guys simmer down, i was only messin.. c'mon, we've all had a drink.

fastrez2773d ago

Is a true visionary. Rez was a superb title that showed some real imagination. It'll be great to see those visions given the current gen treatment and a nice HD gloss. Plus the music is being done by his band Genki Rockets, who come up with some stupidly catchy music.

Roll on Child of Eden!

mcstorm2773d ago

I agree with you ive still got rez on my dreamcast was an amazing game looking forward to this game when it is released.

punisher992773d ago

Fanboy of what?? Its a multiplatform game.

fastrez2773d ago

I imagine from what he says in the interview that the Kinect controls will be quite different to using a controller. Maybe so different that they warrant separate coverage?

Then again, who knows really?

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