Conservatives Back UK Games Industry News

The shadow Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt, has revealed that a Conservative government will introduce tax breaks for the UK games industry, beneficial economic strategies and a "more robust IP framework" to combat piracy, if they get into power.

This comes after Eidos Chief Executive Jane Cavanagh recently criticised UK governments for not funding the industry adequately enough. She said: "It seems that this industry is not being taken seriously." These views were then subsequently backed up by the main governing body for the industry, ELSPA.

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Caxtus7504049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

only problem is...Gordon Brown is by far a better PM than David Cameron would be...Cameron is just so corny and another Tony Blair.

Maybe the new look labour can support the games industry.

Vip3r4049d ago

I hope so but Gordon Brown is tight fisted and would tax the elderly to breath if he could.