What does PS3Life think about the PlayStation Move?

PS3Life has reviewed the PlayStation Move. Find out what they think about it and what their advice is to you.

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SoulramonNL2983d ago

Move is awesome ! No other conclusion needed :) ! Move will **** Kinect so hard that everyone will buy Move

jay22983d ago

Be carful, the Halo lovers reported me for stating the fact that some of the game discs don't even work and anyone with a 4GB slim will need to pay £80 to play so modes. But I fully agree with you, let's watch the disagrees pour in.

Kingsora2983d ago

Nice review, Doesn't include points and the advisement is pretty good !

trpride2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I'm going to wait till it has more games (hardcore games). (To buy PS Move)

Junkeyz2983d ago

Yeah I'll probably do the same ... But I think that I'll first check it (Move) out with a friend be4 I buy it.

Cpt_Yanni2983d ago

Thanks :) I tried to give my opinion to our members but I don't want to give them the impression that I 'force' them to buy PlayStation Move :)