KFC cruelty the game

If you haven't seen this game yet you have to check this out. Looks like Pam Anderson and her PETA friends made this website to help people ban together against the evil empire that is KFC? If you play the game for 5 seconds you have to wonder how this site remains up since it blatantly uses Nintendo intellectual property.

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ShiftyLookingCow3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

heres mine

tplarkin73984d ago

Maybe they do actuall treat their donkey's in that manner?

taz80803984d ago

LOL! Agreed.
Someone took a lot of time to program that game and amke the site, just funny how it is all these tree hugging stars form hollywood.
The game is decent and it is funny how htey blatantly used Mario Luigi and the rest of the Nintendo gang.

drunkpandas3984d ago

wonder if they paid off Nintendo for this or just stole it?

doshey3984d ago

here are my signs cuz i agree with peta

taz80803984d ago

yeah the site doesnt make me not want to eat chicken, it actually makes me hungry! i think i will also have osme chicken later.
the site makes me laugh, i wonder why they chose nintendo to parody here?
and the make your own sign is genius too, maybe it isnt sponsored by peta at all, it is a new reverse psychology marketing campaign by kfc, hehehhee

Panthers3984d ago

MMM that game makes me hungry

ShiftyLookingCow3984d ago

yeah and it will soon be lunch time here

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The story is too old to be commented.