TGS 10: GT5 Day Into Night Gameplay (Cam)

Watch day fade into night, as dusk dawns, and an over-enthusiastic driver tries to remedy the situation.

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TrevorPhillips3013d ago

F%^& i'm all out of jizz, i'll just drop my jaw again....Oh shit I cant find my jaw it's been dropped from the last incredible GT5 video I saw. Can I borrow someones jaw please..

GT5 - It's only possible on the PS3.

Venatus-Deus3013d ago

For the love of God... use the f**king brake!

HeroXIV3013d ago

Not just that but he's using full throttle in corners that clearly require less... I really wanna slap everyone who demonstrates GT5 in videos because nearly none of them can drive.

Jaybad543013d ago

He doesnt even touch the brakes once - even when heading straight for a wall! Maybe he just didnt know they were they there?

OT: Amazing day to night transition

number473013d ago

reviewing the game for its accuracy most of the time.. yet go full throttle into a turn while slamming on brakes.

iPad3013d ago

I am still in shock after I saw the Weather Trailer.

cobraagent3013d ago

Just use the brakes or even the handbreak... How hard could it be?

bustamove3013d ago

...My reaction to every GT5 video.


I wonder when I will see a good driver.

3013d ago
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