GoldenEye Wii: Cash-In Or Next-Gen Love Letter? writes: The announced remake of the GoldenEye for Wii by Activision has, understandably, ruffled quite a few feathers. Rare doesn’t like it, fans of the N64 are probably annoyed by it’s mean existence, and there is generally an air of concern that it won’t be given the love it deserves, serving just a method to make copious amounts of money. Lets be frank, Activision has made a habit of appearing like they are just in it for the money, with the increased price of StarCraft 2 and the cost of the Modern Warfare 2 map pack being excellent examples.

However, what if the new GoldenEye game actually is good, and serves as a high definition love letter to a game that changed how we play console shooters?

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Ognipode2588d ago

It's kinda cool for someone like me who hasn't played the original, to see what the fuss was about. The screenshots and videos don't look that bad either, so this could be worth some bucks.

BrianB2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Personally i think this game is gonna get rippped apart in reviews its going to end up liket The Conduit only this time, the games its gonna be compared to is Halo reach and COD Black Ops

2587d ago
ChickeyCantor2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

"It's kinda cool for someone like me who hasn't played the original, to see what the fuss was about."

It doesnt work that way.
The original was a unique game for its time, and the local multiplayer added so much value to all the gamers who loved it.

You can't understand any of this "fuss" you are refering to, it simple doesn't exist today.

Plus this version is totally butchering the original with the cinematic scenes and gameplay twist.

Ognipode2588d ago

I guess you are right, I thought about it while writing the comment and it was probably just a poor choice of words. The game was something for its time, but times have definitely changed.

starcraft2fan2588d ago

I reckon it could actually be improved upon with the new tech and whatnot available now, since it did have some problems, from what I understand.

I guess we'll find out in November.

starcraft2fan2588d ago

Since I missed the original, I'm keen to see how such an important 'retro' games translate in the current gen.

I'm keeping my eye on it.

2587d ago
SpoonyRedMage2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Bit of both, Activision knows they have a potential cash cow but they also know that if the milk is bad no one will want to go back for more.

It's not like Eurocom is inexperienced either, they've made Bond games before(TWiNE, Nightfire and the PS2 version of Quantum of Solace) and there's even a few people from the original Goldeneye team.

BeaArthur2588d ago

Cash in. It may be a good game, but good or bad, it's still a cash in.

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The story is too old to be commented.