Disgaea 4 dated for Japan, Limited Edition detailed

Gamersmint : We can confirm ( via our TGS 2010 sources ) that Disgaea 4 is scheduled to release for the PS3 on February 24, 2011 in Japan and a limited edition is also planned for the game. It will cost 8,970 yen and comes with a mini-nendroid figurine, an artbook and the game’s official soundtrack CD.

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Reibooi2567d ago

Can't wait for this.

Some of the other sources are saying that the games gonna have MUCH better graphics this time around as well. Not that it really matters to me. I loved Disgaea 3(probably my favorite in the franchise) despite it's graphics.

I'm wondering if this will be another entirely new game or if it will follow up on Disgaea 3. I really just liked that cast of characters and hope to see them a bit more. I mean more then in cameo roles.

Veneno2566d ago

Disgaea 2 is MY favorite!! Adell is the shit. So was Tink.

NabikiTendo2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

i want so much that i want to drown in them like we are drowning in all these damn shooters this generation. it's getting there though it just took 3 years lol. I'm getting atelier rorona this month,trying to get wkc, I'll get this next year,and neptune if it comes over to America. we ps3 jrpg fans need to unite so they won't end up like shitty final fantasy 13 all dumbed down for fragheads.

Kain812567d ago

OH YES this is what i want to hear...JRPGs,we need more of them

sinncross2567d ago

Sony should have shown this at their conference, along with Tokyo Jugle (PSN PS3) and White Knight Chronicles Dogma Wars (PSP)

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NabikiTendo2567d ago

when is it coming to america that's all i need to know.

Godmars2902567d ago

When can we see pics, video as well as art.

TheDeadMetalhead2567d ago

Probably about 7-8 months after the Japan release. That's about how long it took for Disgaea 3, Cross Edge and Trinity Universe

Tommykrem2567d ago

I'm not really interested in Disgaea...
Oh, goddamnit my avatar proceeds me!

NabikiTendo2567d ago

disgaea 4 is coming dood better get ready.

PirateThom2567d ago

Funny enough, I actually don't care for Disgaes, but really liked Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero?

So, you know, there you go, dood.

Godmars2902567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

You're caught.

There's a game called punk-o-matic that, weather or not you like the game, has a few comedy sketches hidden in the credits that features Prinnys.

Just so you know.

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TheColbertinator2567d ago

Sweet.Disgaea rocks my socks

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