TGS ‘10: PS3 reaches 38 million units sold worldwide

Among the many announcements during Sony’s TGS press conference today, one that should stand out as a milestone for the entertainment media giant is its current stance in worldwide PS3 sales.

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bjornbear3010d ago

4 years, 38 mil.

38/4 = 9.5 mil a year (almost 10 mil a year)

i'd say thats impressive, especially considering the horrible start it had

won't be anywhere close to PS2 numbers though =/ maybe 60-80 mil lifetime (which isn't bad at all!)

so as long as it doesn't UNDERSELL (like dreamcast) thus cutting support, I'm happy with the sales.

Vicodin3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

The PS3 is only now at the launch price of the PS2 and it has already sold 38 million worldwide.

The PS3 has 6-8 more years of life left in it. It is going to easily pass the 100 million range. How close to the 145 million selling PS2 we won't know until the PS3 gets its drop to 200 dollars. That was when PS2 sales exploded.


The PS2 is at 10.5 years now and still going strong. 12 years for the PS3 isn't much of a reach.

Count3010d ago

8 years is one hell of a stretch.

FlatulentGhost3010d ago

The PS3 doing PS2 range numbers is not hard to imagine.

Sony just stated they will most likely hit their 15 million worldwide sales for 2010. That is 15 million while the PS3 is still 300 dollars.

Doing 20 million a year when the PS3 drops to 200 dollars and then to 150 is more than plausible. Even if the PS3 only is sold for another 5 years it will reach the low 100-20 million range.

ravinash3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

I've got just the 1 PS3, and its all I need.
As long as they keep releasing great games, then i'm happy.

These numbers don't matter to anyone except share holders and developers, but for me it just means the market is big and there will be plenty more games coming out.

sikbeta3010d ago


We'll talk about that when the PS3 hit the $200 price tag and then @ $150 will be as huge as the PS2....


Great numbers... keep delivering the Best Games...

Immortal3213010d ago

the 360 will have to sell 13million to stay in front of the ps3, if the ps3 successfully sells 15million.

but until then, I'm still in school hoping the illuminati isn't part of the music industry, and I'm tyrna figure out whats my plan b if the illuminati is in the music industry.

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Vicodin3010d ago

Very good.

It is also important to note that these are actual sales numbers from Sony. Not inflated shipped to retailer numbers that Microsoft uses to lie about their installed base.

Back in 2006 both Sony and Nintendo switched to reporting actual sold to customer numbers. Microsoft is the only one who still lies about sales numbers by pretending their ship numbers are actual sales.

So the PS3 worldwide shipment numbers are most likely around 40 million.

Amazing accomplishment by Sony. The PS3 is double the price of the PS2, 100-200 dollars more than the competition, the Xbox 360 launched a year early in the US and Japan and 1.5 years early in Europe, millions and millions of duplicated replacement consoles from the RRoD and the silly old game of trying to pass off 360 shipment numbers as actual sales.

And still the PS3 is about to dump the 360 into last place in worldwide sales.

jellybalboa3010d ago

so how much are they behind microsoft in terms of world wide sales, anybody know?

Vicodin3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Sony recently restated their policy of only reporting actual console sales numbers. Not shipped to retailer numbers that Microsoft still reports.

""We calculate our install base by 'sell through' and have done for the last four years I believe", we asked for a little additional clarification...

"We classify 'sell through' as the number of units consumers have actually purchased from retail. 'Sell in' is the number of units we've sold to retail.""

As far as I know Sony doesn't report their worldwide shipment numbers. Most estimates I've seen put the difference between worldwide sales and worldwide shipment numbers to be about 2 million. Around the holidays even larger.

Hands Up For Games3010d ago

How much money have you made off your Sony shares?

nickjkl3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )


doesnt matter sony has been using 38 million since june they wont update them until their next quarter while microsoft usually throws out a number everytime they talk

Redlight3010d ago

Your post is ridiculous.

Who do you think manufacturers ship their units to? Themselves? They only ship stock to retailers who ORDER the stock from them based on their NEEDS.

It's not as if MS just ship 100,000 units to Walmart 'just in case'.

FlatulentGhost3010d ago

"Your post is ridiculous."


How many 360s do you think are sitting on store shelves worldwide?

How many 360s do you think are sitting in warehouses worldwide?

How many 360s do you think are being shipped to various companies worldwide?

My god dude, did you actually just try to claim there isn't a mulit-million unit difference between 'sold to customer' and 'sold to retailer' numbers?

Did you actually just try to claim there isn't a such a large difference that both Sony and Nintendo made a huge deal over nothing back in 2006 when they made their announcements that they were switching from 'shipped to retailer' to actual 'sold to customer' numbers.


SprSynJn3010d ago

Your point is a valid one, but you must also remember that many of those shipped consoles are given away free, traded for a defect console, stolen, etc. It makes more sense to actually report sold consoles to impress the masses, and of course the shareholders.

skrug3010d ago


Ever heard of channel shtuffing?
rememger that year when microsoft said they had xx million, and then half a year later it was still the same xx million?

Oner3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

@ Redlight ~ Microsoft has been proven/known for what is called "channel stuffing"

Edit: oops skrug beat me too it (had tab open for a while and posted without prior refresh)

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callahan093010d ago

I distinctly remember them announcing PS3 = 38.1 million worldwide, as of the end of Q1 2010 reporting period ( June 30, 2010 ). So I think they aren't giving any more up to date number than that. They're still giving that number, because they won't release the most up to date number again until Q2 has ended. So since that was actually 2 and a half months ago, I'd say the PS3 has probably sold closer to 39 million if not more as of *right now*.

Vicodin3010d ago


"(Reuters) - Sony Corp (6758.T) said on Thursday PS3 game console sales were on track to reach the company's target of 15 million units for the year to March 2011, with first-half sales likely just above forecast."

Looks like the PS3 is selling most likely around a million a non-end of year month worldwide. So most likely the worldwide sales are in the 40 million range right now.

Redlight3010d ago

I think their reporting numbers from two years ago because it's obviously in Sony's interests to under-report their sales and make the foolish press think that they're doing worse than they are.

Clever aren't they?

absolutecarnage3010d ago

what a retarded comment, the company themselves just said they just reached 38 million and your trying to tell me that's it's more without providing any proof, deal with it, it's 38 million

callahan093010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

How dare you call my comment "retarded." It's a *FACT* that SONY THEMSELVES reported 38.1 million on June 30, 2010.

There's your proof. So when they make the statement that they're at 38 million, they're repeating their Q1 financial report number. We'll get the next current number in October after Q2 has ended.

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3010d ago
BrianB3010d ago

its still behind the 360 tho :p just sayin

Oner3010d ago

Really? I bet if there was a way to count actual WORKING consoles in consumers hands that the PS3 would be ahead...just sayin'

DigitalRaptor3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Yep, you consider the number of people who have had to re-buy a 360, the PS3 clearly has more people buying them. To think that the gap is only 3 million or less with all things considered.

Plus, Sony counts units sold whilst Microsoft count units shipped!

knightdarkbox3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

too bad Sony game division loses $890 million in 2010 ( check the google for see this)

The 360 has a roughly 8.0 mill lead in North America alone. The rest of the world is much tighter. I never underestimate the yanks ability to 'Buy American'. Sony lost the North American market to a cheaper, earlier released console that simple.

anyway Sony basically just killed their brand by trying to do a little too much with a video game console while MS did what Sony did with the PS2 making the 360 primarily a gaming console.

ico923010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

I love it when 360 fanboys like you bring up Sony's loses,

"too bad Sony game division loses $890 million in 2010"

explain to me , how does this affect the gamer ? has the gamer lost out ?

"The 360 has a roughly 8.0 mill lead in North America alone. "

guess what where not talking about NA where talking about WW wow 3 million ahead 360 is destroying the ps3, and guess what the gap is closing.

"anyway Sony basically just killed their brand by trying to do a little too much with a video game console while MS did what Sony did with the PS2 making the 360 primarily a gaming console."

hey did you know where not in 2007/08 ?, that phrase couldn't be more redundant, i wonder what song your gonna be singing when the ps3 eventually surpasses the 360, Thats gonna happen allot sooner than you think.

rwarner1743010d ago

They killed their brand? Are you serious. The playstation brand is still going very strong, even in the united states

3010d ago
n4gno3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Poor xbox's fans in total denial, lying to others and themself :)

check, who is afraid of the competition and lies about numbers :

"That's a complete lie. VGChartz has the PS3 at 37.4 million. Sounds just about right when comparing shipped units versus sold units. The 360 is currently at 42.9 million. It managed to increase its lead by about a million due to strong sales of the new models this summer.

Edit: Wow, disagreeing with facts! "

another blind fanboy, talking about "shipped unit" when only microsoft is doing that ! sony has 38/40 millions unit SOLD, microsoft, 40/43 million shipped, FACT.

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NabikiTendo3010d ago


Pandemic3010d ago

Well done Sony, your almost head of Microsoft.. :O

Roonie3010d ago

VGC still @ 36m LOLOLOLOLOL!

N4PS3Fanboys3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

That's a complete lie. VGChartz has the PS3 at 37.4 million. Sounds just about right when comparing shipped units versus sold units. The 360 is currently at 42.9 million. It managed to increase its lead by about a million due to strong sales of the new models this summer.

Edit: Wow, disagreeing with facts! I guess if I want Agrees, I should just go around lying from now on. Hey, did you guys hear? Sega just announced their new console at TGS, the BoxStation 4000. I hear it will be able to play every game ever released on any console in stunning HD graphics that surpass even the capabilities of the highest-end PCs.

Triella3010d ago

Problem is those 38 million PS3 sold (38.1 to be precise) are the shipped figures as of june 30, Sony probably shipped another ~1.5 million WW since then and they are still marked by VGC as having only sold 37.4 million. (-2.2 million difference)

While MS was at 41.70 million as of June 30 and they're already at 42.9 according to VGC (+1.2 million difference)

bustamove3010d ago

Again, VG Chartz was never accurate in the first place so why are you taking their numbers as gospel? That's not facts. Sony said THEMSELVES THEY'RE AT 38.1 MILLION.

Anything to bash the PS3 huh?

FlatulentGhost3010d ago

"Problem is those 38 million PS3 sold (38.1 to be precise) are the shipped figures as of june 30,"

That is not correct. Sony only reports sold to customer numbers. Not shipped like Microsoft does.

diatom3010d ago


You may be correct, however the problem is with your posting history. People assume everything you say is fanboy troll BS.

xAlmostPro3010d ago

lol the VGChartz arent updated correctly..

the ps3 calculate sales by sell through, aka the amount of consoles purchased by consumers via stores..

not sell in which is the amount bought by stores..360 still uses the sell in method i belive.. meaning they are accounting for 360's that arent actually in consumers hands

FlatulentGhost3010d ago

LOL! @xAlmostPro

How dumb do you have to be to try spread a lie that is the exact opposite of reality.

Sony and Nintendo both report actual sales to consumers.

Microsoft is the only company that lies by pretending their shipped to retailer numbers are actual sales.

NYC_Gamer3010d ago're upset because PS3 is right on the heel of ur beloved 360...

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R_aVe_N3010d ago

I just shows you how wrong VGC usually is...

Vicodin3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

So the actual worldwide numbers are:

Sony worldwide sales: 38 million(reported by Sony)
Sony worldwide shipments: ~40 million(not reported by Sony)

Microsoft worldwide sales: ~40.9 million(not reported by MS)
Microsoft worldwide shipments: 42.9 million(reported by MS)

So the actual sales gap is around 3 million. Amazing when you think of the 66 percent failure rate generating many millions in extra sales for Microsoft and rushing their console out a year and year and half early.

Aloren3010d ago

What's even more amazing is how you pull figures out of your ass and call them "actual".

36T3010d ago Show
absolutecarnage3010d ago

You know anyone can make up fictional numbers as well and call it actual, What a tard

bustamove3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

What, you're taking VG Chartz numbers over Sony?

Oh wow.

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stonecold33010d ago

are late according to sony and wilkpedia ps3 was at 38.1 million of june 31 cant wait till see the real results next mnth