Happy 121st Anniversary, Nintendo. Reasons why they're #1 and how to ensure future success

"Here is a tribute to Nintendo on their 121st anniversary, a look back at their whole console and handheld history, what makes them still get it, why they're number one, what improvements should Wii's successor have, and what does the Nintendo 3DS hold in store based off of hands on impressions."

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makult3011d ago

....what a piece! Very well written tribute to Nintendo and I'm shocked that they're that old. Nintendo really has been around for a long time even not considering their technical beginnings but even starting just from their early videogame days. Truly a crazy article filled with tons of nostalgia. I'm loving it so far!

JeromeRichfield3011d ago

I readtbe article first before approving it and have to say that I was blown away. I felt like I was traveling through time on this really cool journey. Plenty of facts good opinions and surprisingly quite entertaining for a 'trobute' piece. A+

John007guy3011d ago

The good thing about the 121 year anniversary article is that it's not a piece of fanboy talk but actually....a well written story chronicalling the history of Nintendo. I liked the refrigerator report surprisingly (read it and you'll see why) and thought the 3DS talk was interesting.

Rrobba3011d ago

Thanks Nintendo, for years of faithful service!

eagle213011d ago

This was great. There hasn't been a modern era where Nintendo hasn't been the #1 market leader in either consoles or handhelds. In fact, they have always been #1 in handhelds, a market that is expected to get even bigger. 3DS is proving they still have awesome tricks up their sleeves to ensure future success. The next E3's for Nintendo are sure to get gamers drooling like this past one.

Nintendo is so awesome that I couldn't do them justice in just one comment. So I will simply say: Happy 121st Anniversary Nintendo. Here's to many many more. :)

John007guy3011d ago

Yeah reading it pretty much reafirms that Nintendo has never "gone away". They just had some less than perfect choices with a couple consoles but still maintained perfection with portables.

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The story is too old to be commented.