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Comic Book Resources: If there was any doubt about the graphical prowess of the PlayStation Portable, or the ability of the Square Enix dev team to pull off some of the more amazing visual treats on any system, then the recently released "Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep" lays those to rest. Sure, the intro is all cinematic, featuring some of the iconic characters of the S-E stable, but get into the game itself and even as you are traversing through some of Disney's more familiar animated film settings, you can't help but be majorly impressed.

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IrishYamato3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

The uninstalled game added 4 or 5 seconds onto the load time and even with that the loading isnt long. If you are waiting to get a memory stick before getting this game- dont bother, the load times arent crazy long, like you might think.
KH BBS is not only the best KH game- its the best PSP game ever.