Tokyo Game Show: Boothbabes

No gaming event complete is without its collection of stunning, costume-bedecked and svelte young women. TK-Nation is keeping a running gallery of these beauties for your pleasure.

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DA_SHREDDER3011d ago

i wanna go to japan so bad. Not for TGS either,, the girls there are so freakin sexy!

tknation3011d ago

Pity the shots of them weren't all that good; they're images cobbled together from random twitter investigations. Handphone shots. I personally can't wait for after the TGS when the photographers start putting photos of the girls.

Whitey2k3009d ago

im gonna go there dress up as Cloud from Final fantasy 7 and pull myself a great looking japanese girl

tknation3009d ago

Our Editor thought of doing similar before. He apparently claims that Japan is such a risque country, there's a fetish for anything there. I hold my own judgement, though.