Top 10 Game Series that are 'Milking It'

Christopher simpson from Coregamer: Just to clarify this list is about game series that have far too many games or they may have just been trying to make money by creating completely irrelevant and hastily made games. Another thing I must clarify is that I don't hate any of these game series's I just want to highlight some games that are Milking it.

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Venatus-Deus3011d ago

If you include FIFA, then where’s Madden or PES?

If you include Halo, what about the yearly CoD’s?

Really the list should just make a list of yearly games, rather than just include famous franchises that have 4 or 5 games that are spread across 10 to 15 year timeframe.

DufferO83011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

because COD actually gets better each year
i completely disagree with FIFA in there tho

dragon823011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Because there have been 4 Halo games in the last 3 years. That is a new Halo game every 9 months on average.

Halo 3 - Sept. 25, 2007
Halo Wars - March 3, 2009
Halo 3: ODST - Sept. 22, 2009
Halo Reach - Sept. 14, 2010

There have been 4 COD games in the last 4 years. That is a new COD game every 12 months.

Call of Duty 4 - Nov. 7, 2007
Call of Duty: World at War - Nov. 11, 2008
Modern Warfare 2 - Nov. 10, 2009
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Nov. 9, 2010

EDIT: How do you disagree with straight facts???

Baka-akaB3011d ago


You are kidding right ? I dont even like fifa , yet even i can only acknowledge the tremendous changes within the franchise .

And cod gets better each year ? Where where you when a crappy cod3 followed cod2 ? Or when mw2 was released ?

ico923011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

didnt Microsoft say they wanna keep making Halo games until 2015 ? that would be 8 years since the "fight" supposedly ended

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TEFL0N_D0N_813011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

These publishers are out to make money. Consumers don't decide the market anymore. Producers do. If it was a consumer's market, XBL would be cheaper/free, PSN would have cross chat, 360 would have blu ray, PS3 would have backwards compatibility (excluding the first versions), Activision wouldn't get away with half the crap they do, and EA wouldn't charge for online play through used games.

All that said, I was disappointed not to see CoD on this list. The last map pack with 2 new maps and 3 re-cycled maps for $15? Get the f*** out of here. Now that's "milking" a loyal fan base.

Other examples of "milking" it?
1) DLC content that unlocks what's already on the disc.
2) Video walkthroughs on XBL that aren't free.
3) $4 for 3 decent (at best) songs for Guitar Hero / Rock Band
4) Yearly game franchises that aren't based on seasons. I don't have a problem with Madden or yearly sports games. But I have a problem with minor updates for full retail price of $60.
5) Activision.
6) Final Fantasy series (I've forgiven them for way too long).
7) Limited edition games with sub-par extra content. Behind the games disc? Hogwash. Uncharted 1 & 2 comes with behind the scenes footage on the same disc as a standard package.
8) Sony's crappy 90 day warranty after you pay them to fix a YLOD (mine got YLOD again right after the 90 day warranty). Yes I'm still mad my 60gb PS3 croaked twice. I have a PS3 slim now.
9) etc.

Sony3603011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I don't see why Mario wasn't No.1 ahead of Sonic though.

Most of that list is daft. A couple of sequels doesn't mean "milking", and on top of that he left some franchises out that would really belong on there.

Over all kind of a fanboy list really if you ask me.

Baka-akaB3011d ago

while milked mario games spawned a lots of ideas and new concepts .

What has sonic done with it's spin offs ? Well rip offs of stuff like mario karts , most of them not even good .

palaeomerus3011d ago

Like Dynasty Warriors and Final Fantasy?

TEFL0N_D0N_813011d ago

Dynasty Warriors!! Talk about "milking it". I don't even know how they stay afloat in sales, because my gut feeling tells me it's crap (no pun intended).

xAlmostPro3011d ago

i disagree with metal gear solid.. yeah there are alot of mgs games, and then the psp ones and now going to 360 with raiden.. BUT.. theres no denying that each game is great and has a 'new' feel to each one, the story is always grabbing and just very well made..

to me game franchise are milked.. when eveything is basically the exact same.. apart from maybe a feature aka fifa, madden pes, tiger woods, smackdown vs raw stuff like that.

i even disagree with the halo one, i mean yeah there were a couple of the games that had almost no improvements but.. there are some that set bars for the franchise etc

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qface643011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

i don't understand why halo is up there but a game like guitar hero or call of duty isn't

im not even a fan halo but i don't think it belongs in a milking list like 1 halo game comes out every 1-2 years no? that's actually not even all that much

dragon823011d ago

Halo 3 - Sept. 25, 2007
Halo Wars - March 3, 2009
Halo 3: ODST - Sept. 22, 2009
Halo Reach - Sept. 14, 2010

xAlmostPro3011d ago

its not just because of how many games are released how often that makes it milked.. its when they create a franchise and rip it apart by creating the main game, spin offs, figures etc..

although i also disagree with halo being up there, i have both consoles & i favour the ps3 but hey reach is good, so was the original halo.. but theres more milked games than halo.. mainly all the sport ones lol

DelbertGrady3011d ago

According to this writer any game that has more than two sequels is "milking" it.

To me "milking" is when devs release the same game over and over with only minor updates. Like most of EA sports yearly iterations of the same game. Or Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero.

ElementX3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I'd have to add Ratchet and Clank.

Future: Tools of Destruction 2007
Future: Quest for Booty 2008
Future: Crack in Time 2009
Secret Agent Clank, PSP 2008
All 4 One, 2011

That's 5 games in 4 years, and they call Halo milking? R&C games are pretty much always the same, just new settings and weapons, hardly any innovation.

BYE3011d ago

What about Heroes on the Move, or is that shovelware?

dragon823011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

First off, if you use your list of dates that would make 5 R&C games in 5 years. Not 4 years. Aslo if you look at ONLY the PS3 its 4 games in 5 years.

Second, lets take a look at Halo games ONLY on Xbox 360:

Halo 3 - Sept. 25, 2007
Halo Wars - March 3, 2009
Halo 3: ODST - Sept. 22, 2009
Halo Reach - Sept. 14, 2010

Thats 4 games in 3 years.

Sony3603011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Why only on the 360?

Let's look at the whole series and add Halo 1 and 2 to your list.

That makes it 6 games in 10 years, including 2 spin offs.

That's not milking.

dragon823011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Because his list only had R&C games from this gen so I only used Halo games from this gen.

There have been 4 Halo games in the last 3 years. So that leaves 7 years for the other 2. How does that prove that they haven't been milking it lately??

Halo: CE - Nov. 15, 2001
Halo 2 - Nov. 9, 2004

They went form 2 in 3 years with the first two games to 4 in 3 years with the last four games. Sure looks like milking to me.

I have owned all Halo games but Halo Wars and Halo Reach. I will be getting Halo Reach after Christmas sometime.

palaeomerus3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

2007(one game), 2008(no game), 2009(two games), 2010(one game) = 4 games in 4 years.

You are starting time with September 2007 instead of January 2007 and counting the number of years referenced and the number of games published and then using that to get your average.

Lazy_Gamer3011d ago

Speaking about milking ..... yes, we are looking at you, Activision!

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