Tokyo Game Show: The Last Guardian (HD) trailer

TK-Nation brings yet another trailer from the Tokyo Game Show. This one, the video is in HD.

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TheLastGuardian3010d ago

Beautiful trailer. If I would have submitted it I would have gotten 15 duplicate reports.

negrito2113010d ago

knowing team ico's games something in the game will make some tears drop. just look the aminal acts gosh its so freakn real. hes all sniffing the boy then hissing at him like a cat with his back arched i mean simply beautiful.the animal is so weird looking its cute all the little things he does.this will be my favorite game. i dont even have a ps2 or and i cant play the games but i theres no way i was ever gonna sell ico and shadow and the collous (how ever you spell it)

negrito2113010d ago

was it taking a leak or what cause my dogs do the same thing with there feet after taking a leak LOL