Capcom Announces first Kinect title

Straight from the Tokyo Game Show Capcom announces it's first game for the Kinect system

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NabikiTendo2983d ago

capcom has also announced that they have officially killed the devil may cry franchise and turned it into some bs twilight mutation.

DoctorXpro2983d ago

I like DMC new guy, what I dont like is his name.

WildArmed2983d ago

I think alot of people are mad mainly coz it's Dante..
Dante's old look was awesome nough, didn't really need a change.

But i guess this is a 10 year old dante.. that's why he looks.. weird x_x
I've accepted it.. *sighs*

ArmrdChaos2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

He looks like he sang for the Cure....but on topic...curious to see how they will pull this game off.

MGRogue20172983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

... Anyone that plays this is going to look like a melon in their own living room.. Just imagine what the neighbours are going to think when they see you in the window marching around & waving your arm about like a mad man

ffs, ridiculous.. They'd think you lost the plot. At least with PS Move, you actually look like your playing a game 'cause your holding a controller

Oh and let's not forget mum & dad.. They'll want to have a go aswell :D

Embarrising >.<

Godmars2902983d ago

Don't have any idea what gameplay even looks like. Supposedly, it even uses a controller.

But I still expect it to play like Ring of Red: you get 1-2 squads of regular troops that support your mech. Will probably use gestures to control them and a controller for the mech.

yourfather2983d ago

no one care what you playing look like

kaveti66162983d ago

Yes, let's all stop and consider what our neighbors think of us.

There are a lot of good arguments against Kinect, such as the fact that the hardware is poor and choppy and inaccurate.

But then you have to bring up something as irrelevant as what my goddamn snoopy neighbors would think if they saw me doing something.

Jeez, if you're going to fucking troll, bring something to the table.

beardpapa2983d ago

haha, like that man that was arrested for being nude in his own home because his snoopy female neighbor saw him through the window and called the cops.

Schobeleth2983d ago

That it makes no sense that this game will support kinect? The franchise did bad and sold even worse because it was a Xbox exclusive. It's a game with eastern appeal clearly and it's only being used to push 360s in the east. So dumb, in doing so, they fuck over PS3 users (and where any mech fans could possibly be)

It's easily one of the most hardcore mech franchises out there and it will support kinect, via no controls? Even if the kinect controls are optional (hopefully) I still can't see this going well.

kaveti66162983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

"So dumb, in doing so, they fuck over PS3 users (and where any mech fans could possibly be)"

Why should Microsoft care that it's fucking over PS3 users? The whole purpose behind this is so that Microsoft can attract more gamers.

If you like mech games and you just sit on your thumbs and curse Microsoft for not letting it go multiplat, that's your problem.

You being stubborn and unwilling to purchase a 360 means you're fucking yourself over.

Schobeleth2983d ago

I refuse to buy a consumer product that is guaranteed to break. I never buy consoles at launch until I know of their reliability, and exclusives/features are also a key part of it. I just don't see enough to interest me in getting a 360. I'm just mad at Microsoft at gobbling up all the niche games to try and cater to the Asian market.

IaMs122982d ago

Schobeleth No matter what electronic device you buy even the PS3 it is guranteed to break sooner or later its how electronics go. Now the 360 does have a higher failure rate no arguing that but its also the fact on how you take care of your console. For example, my friends PS3 broke before my 360, he had to pay to get it fixed i didnt.

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ArmrdChaos2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Well...then do your neighbors a BIG favor and buy some damn curtains and then you (they) won't need to worry about it.

Yeh...I am sure they will think much more highly of you waving a around a dildo looking device with a pink ball on the end of it...all while watching the TV of course.

If you are a that worried about what you look like then I doubt motion gaming is for you.

xAlmostPro2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

mis-posted comment, my bad

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-Judge_Fudge2983d ago

screw you capcom....messing up one of my top 10 iconic gaming characters buy making him an british grunge pansy boy

xAlmostPro2982d ago

i think americans are more known for grunge actually..

earbus2983d ago

Love it mech kinnect hell yeah.

lowcarb2983d ago

I'm extremely excited to see what this new Battalion games brings to the table. Awesome trailer and finally my dream will come true for next gen Steel Battalion visuals. 2011 just got even more exciting for me.

Unicron2983d ago

No sarcasm intended, but won't you miss the appeal of the crazy 900 button controller at all?

Cueil2983d ago

but super expensive... you can emulate some of the broader gestures such as pulling levers and ejecting yourself

lowcarb2982d ago

I doubt there will be no buttons for the game. Were still not sure what the Kinect features will be but in time I guess hey will let us know.

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