Bungie had no choice but Activision

Bungie had no option but to sign with Activision, the publisher's CEO has suggested.

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Wizziokid2715d ago

"Activision had the skills they needed to be successful for their vision for that product"

translation Activision have money and love milk

Chubear2715d ago

Bungie is dependent on big marketing $$ to sell their games. Those too blind to see this will remain blind but the fact is, Bungie are average decent developers that create 7&8 type games and they need huge marketing $$ to make these games rocket into 10type games.

They hooked up with Activision cause they were the biggest 3rd party publishers and their business model is close or similar to microsofts.

You just broke free and you go and sign a 10year deal w/ a publisher who are well known to treat their developers like crap? why? you know why

peowpeow2715d ago

I didn't see Halo Wars sell on marketing. Come on Chubear, I always get the impression you don't like anything MS/360

Trebius2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

did you REALLY just bring Halo Wars into this argument? hahahah

Half the ppl that bought it didnt even know it wasnt a regular Halo game.

The Halo NAME is very valuable because of the marketing $$ behind it.

If they had marketed Halo Wars, people would have seen it's an RTS game and not purchased it, why do you think the commercials never mentioned it was an RTS? WAKE UP

If you say otherwise you're a delusional fanboy.

peowpeow2715d ago

If it were marketed, it would've been full of live action trailers increasing the hype ten-fold

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Sony3602715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

that the greedy, corporate whores now have control over.

I fear for the gaming industry.

TheGameFoxJTV2715d ago

I started to fear when every game copies either Call of Duty or Halo, with very few branching games every couple of years.

BrianB2715d ago

Bungie are like the biggest sellouts now, next to Bioware.

MiamiACR2714d ago

You came off as an idiot the minute you mentioned Biowares name next to the word "Sellout".

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xYLeinen2715d ago

We can hate Activision as much as we want, but in the end of the day they bring us good games.

Sony3602715d ago

And people like you happily pay the expensive costs and encourage them to continue charging more.

Eamon2715d ago

it's people like them who buy all their COD games and their countless DLC.

DigitalAnalog2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

The last "good" game I ever bought from AV was Tenchu: Stealth Assassins for the PSX.

Never liked any of their other published games, most notably MW2. Now, I may actually consider puchasing COD 1,2 and AA on Steam. That's because IW was at the top of their game at that time.

-End statement

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user8586212715d ago

We know, bobby had you guys at gunpoint

Quagmire2715d ago

Because EA was all like "LOL"

ThanatosDMC2715d ago

I cant imagine what other type of game they can make. We've seen the stuff they could do for what 5-7 years now and barely any improvement or anything different.

Sony3602715d ago

That's why they are consistently producing block buster games with scores of 9/10+.


AwesomeJizz2715d ago

HAHA that's why they sold 3 million copies of their game in 24 hours..

karl2715d ago

i hope u two are being sarcastic...

and honestly sometimes u cant trust scores... like with COD and GTA games ... almost no gaming site would dare to give it anything under an 8 .

Jdoki2715d ago

I'd settle for another Myth game, but think Bungie lost the IP.

r1sh122715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I really wish someone would kick Kotick in the nuts soo hard he would be forced to take leave for a few months..
I expect them to milk bungie as hard as they can, and Bungie have been good developers but is it not the same story as Inifity Ward. Cod 4 was released and everyone would say IW are the greatest developer, but then Activision allowed MW2 to be released as an unfinished game, with issues surrounding it, hardly any support.
Kotick has it wrong, the only reason people play MW2 is because there isnt anything else to play. I say just wait til Novemeber when GT5 is out. Im sure many on the ps3 will be on that. Black Ops has a harder time than MW2 because there are other decent games coming out.
black Ops is only going to be good because treyarch have made it which is the reason why Im buying it. I just hope acitivision doesnt ruin them like they have done to IW. IW will not be making good games.
the call of duty franchise is gonna be over after black ops. Unless bungie make a space version of call of duty

Jdoki2715d ago

The deal between Bungie and Activision is pretty unique in the industry.

Bungie retain all rights to the IP they create, and have a large degree of autonomy by the sounds of it. So if they ever walked away from Activision they would take everything they have created.

n to the b2715d ago

I guess walking away from halo forever leaves a sour taste in bungie's mouth, if that's true. so this time they made sure to negotiate IP retention into the contract?

music artists prefer to own their IP; but so do the record labels. you've gotta be big to have the weight to demand ownership of your songs. I imagine it's similar now in the gaming industry.

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