Polyphony Digital Introduces Gran Turismo Anywhere, X1 Prototype For GT5 (Gameplaybook)

Kazunori Yamauchi and his team at Polyphony Digital revealed some great new features today for Gran Turismo 5, including a new Gran Turismo Anywhere online hub and a cool, limitless (although slightly unreal) X1 Prototype.

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Buff10443013d ago

Seems like a cool idea. This game is definitely stacked.

yewles13013d ago

Nah, this ain't tumbling down anytime soon.

-Alpha3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

It's definitely stacked.

Great to hear about things like weather, day and night, etc. I'm not even interested in the genre and I want to pick the game up. I'll get murdered online though, some of you really know your car sims! Hope online isn't the equivalent of Street Fighter IV because I simply lack the experience with these kind of games.

MisterNiwa3013d ago

The Online Mode of GT5 Prologue was pretty much balanced in my opinion.

IRetrouk3013d ago

i only ment it as a refrence, im the biggest gt fan going i have the sig edition preordered, i didnt mean it was gona tumble, did you see the weather effects omg.

Immortal3213013d ago

All you have to do is know your car.

lolzers3013d ago

You will get your ass handed to you in a jar Alpha unless you are exceptional. Online will be no different to any other online game, you will face some talented competition.

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MGRogue20173013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

GT 4 Life.

TheColbertinator3013d ago

I look forward to owning you all on GT5.My X1 will mop the floor with anyone on N4G

Si-Fly3013d ago

Send me a PM with your gamer tag, I'm willing to accept that challenge!

Si-Fly3013d ago

Why are people agreeing with this guy? Are you all agreeing he's gonna beat you lol!


This is so awesome, Online gonna be so amazing.

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