Destructoid - TGS: Sly Cooper Collection trailer

Conrad writes, "I've been looking forward to seeing more about Sly Cooper Collection since its announcement at E3. Sony released this trailer and a group of screenshots for Tokyo Game Show and, well, it looks like Sly Cooper. That's not a complaint."

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TheLastGuardian3014d ago

I can't wait to play these games again. I want to play them in HD and with trophies but the fun and nostalgia will be the best part for me. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't buy this game, you will be missing out big time. Why does it say 2011 at the end? I thought this was coming out this year around October or November.

rdgneoz33013d ago

Probably the date its hitting Japan with localization or such. But I have seen different sellers in the US listing it for Oct.

house3014d ago

sadly i never got to play these games last gen but thankfully i will be able to give them a go and in h.d no less