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DigitalAnalog2930d ago

I wonder how the online "patent" for this game would work out?

-End statement

MNicholas2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

No doubt designed by people who love and understand the ways of other animals and birds. It's not anything that can be taught in school. If it was, most games (and even many movies) wouldn't be so pathetically animated.

This game is not only beautiful but refreshingly unshiny.

PS360PCROCKS2931d ago

legitimate question: I've never played this series, but why does the character look so weird? Why does he stand out so much and why is he so bright?

Lombax2931d ago

What's the square root of an apple?

Jdoki2931d ago

There's probably a legit reason for it. But I thought the same in the original trailer. The main character looked too bright and slightly cartoony compared to the rest of the environments and the creature.

In those screenshots it does look a little toned down compared to the original trailer - and there's still a lot of dev work to be done, so who knows what the final look will be.

Still my most anticipated game though! :)

2930d ago
DigitalAnalog2930d ago

If you played SOTC or ICO, you won't find it that strange.

-End statement

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rekof2931d ago

Rat-dog-chicken ,.. ma gonna call him Radochi !!
he soo cute !!

TheObserver2931d ago

Wow, PS3 exclusives do not disappoint.

milohighclub2931d ago

hahaha that is awesome!!! only on playstation...

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The story is too old to be commented.