Team Ico Collection: Out In 2011, Has Some Surprises

Kotaku: The Team Ico Collection - a high-definition remastering of two of the PS2 generation's finest titles - will be out next year, the developers said earlier today at the Tokyo Game Show.

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NabikiTendo2982d ago

sony never stops delivering the quality games.

NecrumSlavery2982d ago

its got to be the Last Gaurdian Demo and the advanced version of ICO with online co-op between the boy and Yorda.

DaTruth2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Re-texturing!!! That sounds awesome. GoW collection didn't have re-texturing.

3D would also be amazing in Ico.(never played SotC)

rdgneoz32982d ago

@NecrumSlavery Maybe, who knows about those. But the suprises they mentioned in the article were 3D support and the Euro ending for Ico which was slightly different from the American and Japanese version, will be the universal ending.

sikbeta2981d ago

This is The Chance for people who never had the opportunity to play Both games and for those who love the 2 Masterpieces...

Team ICO = Masterpiece Creators

theKiller2981d ago

will the graphics improve that much?

AntoineDcoolette2980d ago

I'll be looking forward to this since I never tried Ico and I really enjoyed the colossus conquering in SOTC but got burned out half-way through it because of the bull like colossus that wasn't so colossal nor nearly as entertaining to engage as the others : /

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Anton Chigurh2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I'm sure some people will be surprised about the "Quality" of these two Titles.

VINNIEPAZ2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

"sony never stops delivering the quality games."

Oh stfu

I loved these games on the PS2 and cant wait to play these again. I still remember playing SoTC and thinking, "man I wish they waited on put this on PS3". Guess this is the next best thing.

@Nabiki - Because there is no need to say that extra bit in there. Nobody cares they cater to your taste. You didnt even say anything about the game itself, just praising the almighty Sony

NabikiTendo2982d ago

what did i offend you by saying sony always keeps delivering the games that cater to my taste? what's so bad about that.

Snoogins2982d ago

He's excited. I'm excited. Don't come in here and rain on anyone's parade by being a douche bag. ICO and Shadow of the Colossus were commercial flops, which any other company supporting a studio who wasn't bringing in good profits would have canned them. However, Sony still supports Ueda's team's vision with The Last Guardian and rereleasing improved ports with extra content. Sony really does cater to its fanbase at times better than anyone else and some of us appreciate that they do.

Now don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

bjornbear2982d ago

vinniepaz never stops bitching in PS3 articles

you stfu, people can say what they want so as long as it isn't trolling another console you sour little man


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Slient Knight 92982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

demo of the last guardian, would be epic

yomiro beat me to it damn.

VINNIEPAZ2982d ago

"demo of the last guardian, would be epic"

Yea, or ICO. Hell I'd be happy with some 720p videos even. It would be killer if they get it running 60FPS with uncompressed surround sound.

Daver2982d ago

lol thats what i had in mind when i read surprises

The Great Melon2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I hope they toss up how to fell some of the Colossi. Even though I love the game to death, I know where to stab each Colossus without a second thought to beat them after playing the game so many times.

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Simco8762982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Day One!

This is an awesome collection, would buy SotC alone!

Yomiro2982d ago

Demo of the last Guardian

All_4_One2982d ago

I almost wouldn`t want that. It would be great for those who want it, but I refuse to play TLG before I get the full game.

DaTruth2982d ago

You can just not play it and then read the comments on N4G about how awesome it is and then hear it calling to you in the night: "Plaaay meeee, plaaay meee, plaaaaaaay meeeeeeee!"

DigitalAnalog2982d ago

It's just going to make the wait even more painful. Plus I want the experience to be totally fresh just like ICO and SoTC. Masterpieces should not be viewed like gimmicks. There's not here to showcase how cinematic or how graphically high it is. It's all about the gameplay. PERIOD.

-End statement

ThisPlaceSucksBye2982d ago

The only thing that was keeping SOTC from perfection was the limitations of the PS2 hardware.
Now, oh mama...

Theonik2982d ago

It will be the same game with the same restrictions...

ThisPlaceSucksBye2982d ago

I should have been clearer.
I meant the framerate will be smooth and the graphics will be sharp.
They couldn't have been done like that with the PS2 hardware.

Studio-YaMi2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I also hope for a new DMC collection the same as Team ICO doing with their ICO games in HD ! :D

Ok people,I know this has nothing to do with the article..
and am sorry about that

But my friend just found out an interesting thing considering DMC : reboot

Isn't that Dante's face in the sky when the "new" Dante smokes ?

is it real or faked ? I can't tell +_+...

CobraKai2982d ago

I dunno, I can't see Dante in that smoke.

You should have said "After Team Ico Collection, I hope there is a DMC collection". That way you could kinda meander into the smoking Dante subject. :)

StanRaimondi2982d ago

I can't wait for the ico collection. Man i'm going to be broke through out 2011. Dude I would love a Devil may cry collection especially the the first one, the battle with mundus when Dante changes into demon form in hd would be freakin sweet

Studio-YaMi2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

thanks for the advice mate,bubbles to ya!

also,if you watch closely into the sky,it seems like Dante's hair style,and his face can seen in the middle,it's kinda hard to notice at first though +_+ !

EDIT (2) :
@ CobraKai
here is a version to make it clearer xD

CobraKai2982d ago

Oh yeah! Now I see it! And it totally does look like the the one on the box art for DMC2

Slient Knight 92982d ago

his face looks like the one from dmc 2.

ViRaL-2982d ago

Yeah I see Dante in the smoke. Good eye

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