The Last Guardian Coming to PS3 Holiday 2011, Watch the New Trailer

A busy day for Team Ico at Tokyo Game Show! In addition to confirming Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection for PS3, Team Ico also showed off a brand-new trailer for The Last Guardian depicting a variety of real-time gameplay footage.

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BornToKill2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

i really hope that chicken dog thing doesn't die at the end.

N4GAddict2983d ago

Me too. Hes too damn cute.

TotalPS3Fanboy2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

The most realistic animal ever, in a video game.

More realistic than EyePet. More realistic than Nintendogs. More realistic than Kinectimals.

Heck, even more realistic than Milo.

Redrum0592983d ago

this is why japan dev teams need to focus less on "western touch" and more on there pasion and vision for a beautiful emotional game.

DORMIN2983d ago

Requesting a new change of underwear plz.


vickers5002983d ago

Lol, I think it's funny that even though the thing has probably like 5 arrows stuck throughout his body, he stops to scratch his ear.

sikbeta2983d ago

So Damn AMAZING!!!

TLG = Masterpiece

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TheHater2983d ago

during my play through of Shadow of the Colossus when I thought a certain "someone" died.

RedPawn2983d ago

If he really is part chicken, at least the boy won't go hungry.

BYE2983d ago

He's Asian, so it doesn't have to be chicken in that dog.

Whoooop2983d ago


Asian remark made me laugh...

Cyrax_872983d ago

Thank god there are plenty of games to play between now and Fall '11 though or else the wait would be unbearable.

DMason2983d ago

Im really disheartened too. I thought this might come out in Spring, but a full year is such a long time. Oh well, it will be worth the wait Im sure. Ill play ICO and Shadow of the Colossus for the tenth time while I wait.

shysun2983d ago

It will!.....and yet I will still cry like a bitch! lol

Liquid_Ocelot2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I was saying while I had watery eyes. :'(
These are the type of games I love and respect..

Story>Gameplay>Graphics >Anything/Everything else.

vickers5002983d ago

When it comes to Team ICO games that is. Most game devs (about 95% I would have to guess) could never reach the brilliance that Ueda brings, and so it's unfair to ask these other mere mortal game developers to bring such a similarly amazing story.

Other games must rely on gameplay alone, which is okay, because if the market was oversaturated with masterpieces, we'd all be ungrateful snobs. We have to have the bad/mediocre games to make us truly realize how great a game can actually be.

Also, you forgot art design (it does not belong in the graphics category, games can have the highest res textures, but still look bland and boring, ex. Crysis 2).

TheLastGuardian2983d ago

I don't think the boy or Trico will die. This Fumito Ueda interview is why.

2983d ago
DigitalAnalog2983d ago

The music, atmosphere....


Seriously, I'm glad 2011 have a plethora of games to play or I'm gonna go insane waiting for this masterpiece.

-End statement

tinybigman2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

This game is full of win, and once again Team Ico does it again. Like someone said above japanese developers need to focus more on their passion and a hella of lot less on the western focus.

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TheHater2983d ago

alone is Game of the Year material.

karatechoplifter2983d ago

Nice to see a little gameplay, but you really can't beat the emotion that the original unveil for this game had. I almost wish they wouldn't show games this amazing until like 6 months before they come out. The wait is so excruciating.

All_4_One2983d ago

Automatic game of the year. Unless you`re title is The Last Guardian, you better be packing your bags for 2012, it`s just not worth it.

DORMIN2983d ago

If 2012 is Doomsday

and The Last Guardian releases Holidays 2011

Doomsday is cancelled.

RedPawn2983d ago

Hey EBERT! here is some gooey POO STICK, come eat your words.


love the trailer will be getting this for my ps3. Hope Sony have more game play footage at the february GDC 2011....CAN'T WAIT.

Forbidden_Darkness2983d ago



Ilikegames762983d ago

the release date is for Japan, since this was shown in TGS. We'll have to wait for GDC 2011 for the confirmed date in the US.

Myze2982d ago

Of course, I don't want to speculate, but this doesn't seem like the type of game that should be hard to localize for the US. I mean, there is probably little to no dialogue, and not a whole lot of text either. A worldwide release date seems very plausible.

Really though, this is the type of game you could probably easily get by with even if it were all Japanese, making it a prime example of a game to import (region free blu-ray ftw).