TGS 2010: Valkyria Chronicles 3 Trailer

Sega has revealed their Valkyria Chronicles 3 trailer from TGS, and while there's no gameplay, the cutscenes and story both look pretty epic.

Also, Maximilian and Selvaria from the original Valkyria Chronicles make cameos which suggests that both VC3 and the original take place in the same time period.

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bjornbear2712d ago


*contemplates finally getting a PSP*

=|....i'll wait for the PSP2 to come out -_-

ReservoirDog3162712d ago

Looks good. Though I still prefered the art style of VC1.

CrimsonFox132712d ago

Glorious. Makes me want the full game in delicious HD on the PS3 even more. Shame, but it'll still be great on the PSP.

TOO PAWNED2712d ago

When i saw PSP....need i say more?

Redempteur2712d ago

it looks good . it's obviously a prequel to VC1.. and it's always nice if they respect the continiuity ..

imoutofthecontest2712d ago

No, it happens at the same time as VC1 -- simultaneously. That's why Welkin is signing up as an officer in the trailer.

El_Colombiano2711d ago

I didn't see Welkin in the video. What time do I stop in to see him?

frjoethesecond2712d ago

This is gonna be kick ass. A crossover story has all sorts of potential for plot twists and cameos.

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