Twitter's Influence Evident in GT5

Gran Turismo 5 may be one of the most innovative, professionally executed racing titles in development. But even Yamauchi's team of Japanese developers haven't been able to escape the growing influence of popular phone-based messaging service Twitter.

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s0ph1atr0n2774d ago

I don't know why they did that.


It's for in game messages... Short messages for convenience to set a party with friends, set racings or invite someone to see your garage. There is a PSN chat enabled for background XMB if you want to get into a conversation. You can send a longer message for your friends also in background XMB.

I seriously doubt you'll be communicating with your friends while you are coming at 200Km/h, there is a sharp turn 100m ahead and half a dozen guys breathing down your neck.

s0ph1atr0n2774d ago

I can type at least 5 characters after every corner. ;)


You probably fell less entitled if I'm one of those guys behind you, that's for sure! :)

Now, seriously, considering your example, you'll take maximum of 28 turns to full this short message box. If your course has 3 laps and 10 turns, you would finish your message just before ending the race.

Wouldn't be better to just make your race without worrying about it and when you are done you can take 30 seconds to type those 140 characters or even more if you use the chat (which is just one PS button click away) or PSN message system.

Would it hurt to have longer messages? Not at all. But do we need it? Would we even use it? I don't think so.

s0ph1atr0n2774d ago

Nurgburing would negate your example. But yes, we probably won't even use it. =P


It's Nürburgring (as in the ring of Nürburg) and if you mean the F1 version of the course there is only 16 turns, although indeed a lot more laps.

I know the original complete track have over 180 turns for one lap (in a bicycle, if you are going to originality! Maybe them you would be able to text while driving. LOL), but you got my point, you wouldn't be able to text that much while driving don't matter how good you are.

Have you ever tried to SMS text while driving? That's almost as awkward as it's dangerous. Now project it to a race.

N4GAddict2774d ago

I'll wait and see if it actually works first


I only can see messages in the inbox with shortened words.

crazyturkey2774d ago

They had a weather trailer too.

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