New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow TGS Trailer is Awesome

Darren Mauler of RipTen: Wow!! I need someone to teach me to say Awesome in Japanese. The new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Trailer is just that.

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KingNintendoFanboy2591d ago

I still have Castlevania games I own that I haven't played yet. :(

Redrum0592591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

i cant freakin wait for this damn game.
got it preordered and paid for in full.

this game is gonna be epic.

September,October, and November are gonna be 2 kickass months for gamers

halo reach
cod black ops
Assassins creed

$350+ right there.

Trebius2591d ago

This trumps it ... Hands down.

The reason why I say this is because Kojima's influence is SO INCREDIBLY apparent, that it'd be silly to think HIS storytelling + the creatures we saw on that screen wouldn't create a better game than GoW3.

Maybe it's too early to say ... but me being a fan of MGS and GoW, I think this is a love child that just CANT be ignored.

I'm so happy it's on both systems, we can all enjoy this BEAUTIFUL fuking WORK of ART!!!

The fact that the trailer is so LONG just means that it's going to be full of cutscenes like the MGS series.

If I hear ANYONE complain about it being a "movie" i'll fukin kill someone.

coolfool2591d ago

I understand that this is a Kojima influenced game and that is apparent but I think we would be doing a disservice to the entire team to give Kojima the entire credit. He is only Executive Producer which essentially mean that he may point out a road to the team but they are the ones that have to walk down it.

The work has been done by the team not him. While his directions have helped it is obvious that the team has worked really hard in getting this game to the shape it is so it's just worth giving them credit for that rather than letting the Kojima name over shadow their efforts.

MrChow6662590d ago

coolfool: well said, I agree completely, the guys at mercury steam are the ones who deserve all the credit, I hope this turns out good

poopface12590d ago

Just recently I decided that I NEEDED this game. Already finished DMC, NG2, Bayonetta and GoW3, so im really looking forward to this one.

Not to mention that I have 20$ amazon credit from reach to use on it(and get 20 MORe!).

ony half a month more to wait.

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bfenty2591d ago

then what are you doing on N4G?

Christopher2591d ago

That trailer makes me want to play the game. Glad I'm doing the $20 credit pre-order deal w/

cemelc2591d ago

Thx god i dont understand crap about japanese cos there has to be some mayor spoilers in that trailer

The Creep2591d ago

woow the graphics are easily up there with god of war 3. and this is a multi platform game :)

MrChow6662590d ago

I doubt it but it looks great nevertheless

tinybigman2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

this is not Kojima's game he's just an advisor. second this looks awesome but it's a shame it won't sell :( like the other castlevanias. i know i'll be getting this love the series.

man if people don't buy this game i'll be pissed. this could lead to 3D castlevanias that we can look forward to.

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jaredhart2591d ago

I have the recent one on Xbox Live (of course I got it free).

DelbertGrady2591d ago

I tried it but didn't like it at all. SOTN is much better imo. And the ones for GBA are great as well, except the first one.

Myze2591d ago

Well, to be fair, SotN is better than 99+% of games ever made. ;) I always had a soft spot for the first one and Simon's Quest, as well.

RedPawn2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

I feel so good right now, I'm gonna explode.


I don't ever want to see a story on N4G saying Kojima is an overrated developer, EVER AGAIN!


RememberThe3572591d ago

I was following this game. Now I realy, really, really, want it.

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