Shadow of the Colossus Going 3D on PS3

Sony and Team Ico officially announced Ico and Shadow of the Colossus for the PS3 last night, but new information has just come from the Sony conference that Shadow of the Colossus won't just be rendered in HD on the PS3, but the game will also be 3D.

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KILLERAPP2838d ago

The last guardian will also be in 3D…

danmachine2838d ago

i might have to get a 3d tv just for the last guardian.

hey at least i have a year to save up.

UnSelf2838d ago

u see this is why TGS>E3 every freakin year after year

WildArmed2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )


honestly I dont think so.

Thought E3 was alot better.
But, Dark Project, LEVEL 5 game ni oh and TLG/SOTC/Ico made the show definitely worth watching!
So did the rest of the ppl in 'teh forumz'

And the trailer blocking wasn't helping

JoySticksFTW2838d ago

I really didn't want to by a 3d tv

Now I F'N have too :(

Stupid SotC in 3D... it just sounds too good to pass up

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RBLAZE19882838d ago

and the stupid live stream blocked half the trailers show...not to mention it was in like 180p lol...It seemed lifeless and could've been a lot better. It seems like japanese companies don't care about press conferences and showing their fans exciting things. All they care about now is bastardizing their games to the western society. Oh well sony's conference showed some glimmers of j devs still developing with their own styles but that was the only conference i saw tho sooo.....

silkrevolver2838d ago I never thought that a single franchise would make me want to spend thousands of dollars on anything.

El_Colombiano2838d ago

My thoughts exactly. Up until two minutes ago, I was a firm stander of waiting for the prices to drop significantly for 3D TVs. Now I want one this instant. Shadow of the Colossus is gaming perfection.

DORMIN2838d ago

I called it. XD

I saw Sly Collection in 3D and I imagined Ico Collection getting it.

TheHardware2838d ago

HAS WON TGS with this announcement alone (well for me)

the weather effects in GT5 = Icing on the cake

Consoldtobots2838d ago

tell me about it, everyone and his grandma has been waiting for an HD remake of Colossus since the day PS3 launched.

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The story is too old to be commented.