GameShark: Dragon Age - Origins Witch Hunt Review

GameShark: Witch Hunt, the final piece of Dragon Age: Origins DLC and an epilogue of sorts for the campaign made one promise and had one job: provide closure to Morrigan's story line and to give you insight into what she was up to after abruptly exiting the main game. In fact, many, if not all of the people who purchased and played the DLC probably did so for that reason alone. Knowing this, the absolutely horrible way this DLC ends, not with answers but with vague comments and proclamations for the future makes this content pack all the more disappointing.

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TheHardware2861d ago

I thought that was the new Dante in the picture.

Tru_Blu2861d ago

So they are officially done MILKING dlc for this game? I mean to get 100% on day one you had to buy dlc. Then they charge $40 for some dlc, needless to say the first and last bioware game I ever buy unless I get a goty edition cheap long after it comes out.