Level 5 Goes to War With Cardboard

The Tokyo Game Show is in full force in the land of the rising sun. TGS is always full of big reveals, and this year was no different. Level 5 got some time on stage to reveal the next game they are working on.

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NJShadow2743d ago

Haven't the homeless people suffered enough!?

Trexman892743d ago

LOL. it never ends for them

Unhostile2743d ago

sounds weird, but good to see a new game for PS3.


I'm pretty sure it's for PSP, not PS3... At least I think that's what I readed into Engadget's live blog of Sony press conference at TGS.

Anyone has another source that point it as PSP or PS3?

Lifewish2743d ago

haha made my night with this comment

h0mebas32743d ago

There aren't many of these around, so a new looks cool.

Pandemic2743d ago

Game sounds pretty sweet, can't wait.

Trexman892743d ago

its level 5 so im interested

Lifewish2743d ago

agreed there, i love their games

Sigh2743d ago

level 5, always indeed I trust.

Godmars2902743d ago

If this is the game I think it is, a medabots rip-off/clone, then isn't it headed for the PSP?

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