Metal Gear Solid: Rising Will Be in 3D

At TGS, Sony has just announced that Metal Gear Solid: Rising will also be receiving a 3D makeover.

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razorc032594d ago

Awesome! Slicing and dicing in 3D!! :D

shoddy2594d ago

I just don't have money right now.
good to know I don't need to buy another 3D player.

it only does everything.

Theoneneo812593d ago

Wow how is my post trolling I'm just stating the fact dont 3D and Move support for the PS3 360 just has a regular old plain game.

Theoneneo812594d ago Show
Snakefist302594d ago

Now give me move support.

siliticx2594d ago

there is already move support.

nikoado2593d ago

Do you have a link?

I know there was some talk of it and it would be really suitable for the game but I did't know anything was confirmed.

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deadreckoning6662594d ago ShowReplies(1)
ThePlaystation3guy2594d ago before release of MGS:R!!

T3mpr1x2594d ago

You've got at least a year haha.

Forbidden_Darkness2594d ago

I am so buying a 3D TV, so many awesome games coming in 3D. It's going to be awesome!

WoshJills2594d ago

They said it was a tech demo like 5 times. Sheesh.

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