MGS Rising, FFXIV to support 3D

During its TGS conference, Sony has announced MGS Rising and FFXIV will support 3D.

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Imperator3010d ago

That's pretty cool. I think Move Support would work great with Rising.

WildArmed3010d ago

Yeah, I would have been more excited if they announced MGS:R Move support instead of 3d.
(since there will be alot more MOVE players than 3D players)

WildArmed3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Yeah.. coz that's how I has conversations :D


TotalPS3Fanboy3010d ago

They were adding 3D support for it.

AuToFiRE3010d ago

lol i feel so important, my thread was linked on the mainpage haha

AuToFiRE3010d ago

oh har har marius, its the first time, i feel special, dont burst my bubble xD

speaking of whcih, here have one


xtremexx3010d ago

Move Support For Rising would PWN, forgive my language. by that would be awesome how ever there could be a lot of people accidentally throwing the move controller at the TV

MisterNiwa3010d ago

Thanks to the orb nothing will happen with a head on impact.

gauntletpython3010d ago

Wow, really impressive they can support great graphics AND 3D.

PS3-2473010d ago

Was FFXIV announced for 360? 3D support is great.

Graphics3010d ago

why is that good? Fanboys have the stupidest logic... You think pc players are happy FFXIV is coming to ps3?

madjedi3010d ago

I never read anyone bitching about ps2 or 360 owners playing ffxi on my pc, so why would they give a rats ass for ff14.

You say fanboys have the stupidest logic, then turn around and say a similar fanboy comment love the irony.

No one played ff11 for it's godly graphics buddy, beyond that being mp isn't going to hurt it anymore than it did ff11. So do you have a point again?

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The story is too old to be commented.