Kotaku: Ni No Kuni PS3 Hands-On Impressions

Kotaku writes: "Studio Ghibli, Japan's beloved animation studio, is teaming up with Level-5, one of the country's most popular game makers, for a new adventure called "Ni no Kuni". A high definition version is coming to the PS3. It is beautiful".

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RememberThe3572679d ago

Level-5 and Ghibli? How else could you spell Nirvana?

MisterNiwa2679d ago

Maybe with 'F' Nirfana... It sounds the same but looks completely stupid.

coolfool2679d ago

I have a funny feeling this won't come to western shores.....

Redempteur2679d ago

if they don't localise it that would be THE MISTAKE of the next year

jonboi242679d ago

Considering how a majority of Level 5 do make it to the west and how big and criticaly acclaimed studio Ghibli's movies are I so no reason why this shouldn't make it here. Even if Level-5 doesn't end up publishing it, it should have no problems finding q publisher. Maybe Atlus or even Sony will publish it.

akiraburn2679d ago

Actually Coolfool, this was already announced to be coming to western shores, although they have no release window for it in the west yet, at least none that they have publicly announced.

coolfool2678d ago

I hope is comes over to the west also. I am really excited about this game.

I don't remember hearing about the announcement that it would be localised.

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Tommykrem2679d ago

Very hard to tell that this is a videogame and not an animé by some of the screenshots. Which in this case is a compliment, of course. Looks great!

ChronoJoe2679d ago

I'd imagine it'll definitely be localised.

Level 5 localise their games, and Studio Gibli localise their anime. Both are aware of the benefits of addressing the western market, too.

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