Final Fantasy XIV TGS Screenshots

Andriasang: Square Enix shares the latest media at TGS. (Total 9 images)

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Christopher2687d ago

Or the PC... a few months earlier than the PS3...

vx2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

cancelled my pre-order for this one, hope they fix this crap till the release on the PS3

BullCrap2687d ago

These screens are from E3 lmao. Talk aout desperate for hits.
@vx: Well good, one less cry baby to BL. SE is pumping out patches and fixes on a daily basis, giving full blown support. This wont be like the average SP game where the game is released and your stuck witth what it was luanched with. This is a MMORPG always evolving, always changing, always exspanding, in a sense, The Never Ending Story.

2687d ago
Styile2687d ago

This is going to be the first 3d mmorpg

jneul2687d ago

FFXIV will have 3D on the ps3 version, so much for the lies that SE told us about memory limitations, all the silly people need to apologise to me like now.
I am betting it's a new engine for ps3 which maximises the SPU's as realistically that is the only way they will be able to have 3D on ps3 with those graphics, which will explain the delay

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