Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International screens

Andriasang: Hey look, it's the Xbox 360 version of FFXIII, and everyone is speaking Japanese! (Total 5 images)

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MachinaMaw2894d ago

Just got the battle theme stuck in my head again.

WildArmed2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

here's to hoping we see free DLC down the road

(LOL -- I just realized how naive that sounds)

RememberThe3572894d ago

Unless your talking about Square, then it's understandable.

bakasora2893d ago

I don't understand why $quareenix likes to piss people off this gen.

negrito2112894d ago

xbox LOL boy....LOL it make me chuckle

newhumanbreed2893d ago

What's so ultimate about it?

wissam2893d ago

They want to squeeze out every penny out of this game. square is not satisfied with 1.5m copies on the xbox. but hearing that made me lol
hard. the majority of xbox boys they don't care about jrpgs. they wish
this genre does not is trying too hard with the wrong people.
Well the game was utter trash of ff game. but a decent one as a stand alone game.

2893d ago
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