2 New Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Screens

Andriasang: Just two new shots, distributed to the press at TGS. (Total 2 images)

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skatezero2463013d ago

sweet! I'm still playing the first dissidia the game is addicting

blitz06233013d ago

So apparently there's a rumor going that Tifa is going to be in the game too. Regardless, day 1 for me

jonboi243013d ago

Hot dang Kain and Lightning looks good and hopefully the rumors of Tifa in the game is true. I love the original and beat it only to realize I just barely scratched the surface of the game. The game is so deep and rich with content I hope the second surpasses it.

RedPawn3013d ago

I want Col. Roy Mustang in thi, I mean Cid from Final Fantasy xiii.

silent noise3013d ago

dissidia 012-3456789 , the GAYest title for a game ever , whats the point of 012 ?

Qbanj693013d ago

What's this game about? Why is lightning in it?

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