New Child of Eden screenshots

Ubisoft has released new screenshots of Child of Eden.

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RedPawn3012d ago

Who the HELL would disagree with you, I had this PO the moment I could.

Redempteur3012d ago

actually flower was more logical in the choices of colors on screen.

This look good , hell more like awesome but this also feel like an orgy of color ..flower didn't use that much colors except in ONE part in ONE level

IcarusOne3012d ago

This is Super REZ HD for hippies, pot enthusiasts, and free-spirits everywhere. Looks trippy as hell.

Newtype3012d ago

This is a must buy game.

MegaBit3012d ago

It reminds me of this awesome rave I went to once that...well never mind.

SpideyNut3012d ago

...scorched retinas and epileptic seizures be damned; play at your own risk folks, lol.

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