Namco Bandai Readying 3D Ridge Racer 7 Update

Andriasang: Upgrade early PS3 racer to 3D visuals early next month for a single coin.

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Nitrowolf22684d ago

They are really charging for this?
At least add trophy support while they are at it, seems pointless to me to add 3D for such an old game and not add trophies

lokiroo4202684d ago

I agree, why go through the trouble and not add trophies. Well I guess they couldnt charge for trophies, which is most likely why.

guitarded772684d ago

Agree TROPHY SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I've been yelling a lot today.

WildArmed2684d ago

... o_O
I thought this was going to have a new installment.. if they are updating the old one.. it seems pointless
I doubt many people even play RR7 anymore

westy5522684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Why would anyone play this game again,ill be playing gt5 thanks, no need to get this horrible game back out of the wardrobe. lol

spunnups2684d ago

I agree, adding 3D is a complete waste of resources

morkendo2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

just make RIDGE RACER 8 AN no Drifting!!!
thats what made RR 7 suck.

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callahan092684d ago

Awesome. This game was vastly under-rated. For a launch (or was it simply shortly after launch? can't remember) title, this game was gorgeous and a lot of fun. Still is gorgeous, actually.

lzim2684d ago

underrated how? people didn't have money for the system, 6 on 360 was adequate, and frankly the game is just ridge racer. Awesome game, don't get me wrong, it was an instant buy (6 on 360), but it wasn't worth the money then or now.

I was waiting for 8 for both systems rather than a quick cash grab on PS3 simply to promote 3D. where does it leave a multiplatform 8 if they are only now deciding to revive 7?

Ju2684d ago

Hm, well, only 6 on the 360 was buggy as hell with frame rate issues and what not, while the PS3 version is one of the few games which ran/runs flawlessly in full (!) 1080p @ 60fps (that is 1920x1080, nothing less).

ChronoJoe2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Actually the car models look kinda silly, and environments are no better than seen in Gran Turismo 4.

I do think it's great fun though. Shame it wasn't presented as well as RR:T4, that game was sick.

It had a better intro too

Shazz2684d ago

throw in trophies while your at it and do a relaunch at platinum range and loads will buy im sure

ChronoJoe2684d ago

I have this, ain't it like 2 years old?

I don't play it because the campaign mode is poorly structured, as an arcade game it's pretty fun for some pick-up and play, but I don't get the feeling that theirs any incentive to keep on racing after about an hour.

UP2684d ago


Quagmire2684d ago

Well...someone had to do it.

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