Eurogamer previews Crysis - Exclusive videos and screens

Crysis puts you in the shoes of a US special operative sent on a routine mission gone horribly wrong. In what many will recognize as Crytek's comfort zone, most of the action takes place around jungles and beaches on a lush tropical island.

Comparisons with Far Cry are inevitable, not least, as lead level designer Sten Huebeler explains, because the game's first mission has been designed with fans of Crytek's previous effort in mind.

"While we wanted to show people a little bit of familiarity - players should feel back home in a way - we obviously want to show more of our new tech and how we've advanced. It was not meant to be too close to it: I think when you actually play the game you'll see it takes a different route to Far Cry."

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masterg3926d ago

Did you guys see any videos. I could not find any.

TnS3926d ago

It is mentioned in the second paragraph at the source. Here are the links:

ShiftyLookingCow3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

I thought those videos were awesome, much better than anything I have seen so far but then again I am pretty hyped for Crysis

[edit] and its all pre-beta code in DX9.

ShiftyLookingCow3926d ago

"As the developer demoing the game informs us gravely, "Even a small banana can be very dangerous." Presumably if you leave the skin at the top of a flight of stairs."



guy said crysis will be the zenith of graphics for 2 years, unfortunately the 2 years are up, and there, unless he is just talking about pc, cause this game is now old news, the size of it is really the only impressive thing

reall it is


Kleptic3926d ago

also it was Mark Rein from Epic I think that said nothing will touch Crysis on a visual level for several years...

it looks business notebook won't touch it (haha unless a GMA 950 can run this game), and my old desktop still has a Geforce4 (pretty much wouldn't play anything newer than FEAR on higher detail)...

So I probably wont' get to play this for a long time...and absolutely no one near me is into PC games anymore also, so little chance of playing it at a friend's...still can't wait to see more of it though...


mark rein and crysis havent seen a ton of ps3 games, especially killzone, the game looks like cg in realtime, the only thing better about crysis over killzone currently is the enviornment of crysis, and the vast lands, but as far as polygon count and things happening on screen, facial animations, and animations period, killzone is destroying anything that game has, especially when the animations are complete and the fire is touched up, and if crysis is so much better looking than killzone, why did cryteck push crysis back again following e3?


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