Booze and Brawling: PlayStation Move's messy launch party

Australia's gaming press were treated to a lavish PlayStation Move party at Waterloo, Sydney last night. Games at the event included Time Crisis: Raising Storm, Kung-Fu Rider, Sports Champions and the RTS game R.U.S.E.

Some non-Move PS3 games also made an appearance, including Gran Turismo 5 in 3D. In typical Aussie style, gaming ability was quickly compromised by the endless flow of alcoholic beverages.

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Agent-862743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

From the pics and brief story at the actual Gamepro link, I see no examples of brawling or a messy launch party. Is the poster deliberately trying to be provocative? Why doesn't the title just have the same title as the Gamepro article? "PlayStation Move Sydney launch party".

BrianC62342743d ago

I agree. What's with the messy part in the title? Someone should edit that.

Pen Pooh2743d ago

I dunno, the guy in the photo *does* look pretty boozed up. lol

Penno2743d ago

He clearly isn't pointing the gun at the screen. Epic fail. lol

Christopher2743d ago

Wait... Australians complaining about there being alcohol at a party? Something doesn't sound right about that.

InfiniteRetro2743d ago

thats how we do it down under.

westy5522743d ago

Hahaha true the retro.

Lots of drinks and games, good fun.

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