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niceguywii602744d ago

LOL at the text in the article seemingly trying to slam the game as they report on it.

happyface2744d ago

Japan devs love the KINECT - crazy support from big names here

negrito2112744d ago Show
Immortal3212744d ago

I knew it was a game but, then again I thought it was an article bashing the kinect.

Lord_Doggington2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

you troll, there's nothing implying any "slamming" the title in the article. get out

Agent-862744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Look closer at the title: "Sega reveals Rise of Nightmare for Kinect". See the "rise of nightmare for Kinect" in there? The title almost looks like Kinect will give a rise of a nightmare....get it now?

Imperator2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I don't think they love Kinect, I think they love MS' money. I don't like Kinect, I admit it. But I'll wait and see how these games turn out before making a judgment on them. As of now, I'm not getting Kinect. Waste of money IMO.

IcarusOne2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

The amount of contradictions in your post is hysterical. You aren't reserving judgement. You're clearly VERY judgmental of Kinect already. Which is fine. Just don't try and pass yourself off as some fence-sitting level-headed observer.

I should also add, for the record, I don't disagree with you. As of now, I'm not getting Kinect either.

Natsu X FairyTail2744d ago

This and The Suda game looks the most interesting.


Lord_Doggington2744d ago

this looks kinda neat. hope it's scary.

Megaton2744d ago

Yeah, I'm always up for a scary game. I'd like to see some video of it.

DevilsJoker2744d ago

The proof is in the live Gameplay demonstations, so i'll wait for a video of that first. But the list of 3rd party announcements for Kinect is certainly more positive for kinect.

Stealth20k2744d ago

Lol no its not. They all appear to be casual like pieces of shit......

DevilsJoker2744d ago

Wait until the gameplay demonstration. I doubt it'll suprise us, but it could. And i'd be happy for it to and i'm hardly Kinects biggest fan..

ArmrdChaos2744d ago

I suppose that is another one of those casual pos's too?

GusBricker2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I was thinking this was a Condemned game and I got to thinking, doing the CSI stuff with Kinect would be pretty damn cool.

Bathyj2744d ago


Anyone seeing a pattern here?

And you guys acting all excited for this stuff without any real information are pathetic.
If anyone else like oh I dont know, SONY, had talked this much and shown so little, you guys would be all over it calling it crap.

If you need me, I'll over here, sitting on the fence.

negrito2112744d ago

guys i realize how kinect is gonna change gaming forever. everything is gonna be on rails /face palm..... mmmm yep thats it. all these games are screw that.

testerg352744d ago

Haha.. and the same can be said for PS3 fans. Is it any different than bashing Kinect games that they haven't seen.

Bathyj2744d ago

I'm not picking up my skirt doing cartwheels over Move either, but at least we've seen it work. We know it works on Killzone, on MAG, LBP, Eyepet, Ruse, etc etc...

What has Kinect shown? You can play with wonder the teabag community in so engrossed.

Moonboots2744d ago

It's been confirmed "on rails"? That would suck.

"And you guys acting all excited for this stuff without any real information are pathetic. "

Not as pathetic as someone who is here just to call people excited for a new game announcement pathetic. Maybe you need a new hobby if you enjoy taking the pizz out of gamers sails so much.

Go look up the word "jerk".

Bathyj2744d ago

Well at least I didnt have to resort to name calling.
BTW "Pathetic" isnt name calling, its just describing a behavior pattern.

And you just said yourself another on rails kinetic game would suck. All I didnt was dispute the KNOWN fanboys above trying to dress mutton up as lamb. Praising every bit of Kinetic news like its awesome, but nothing has been shown.

And I notice no one actually addressed my statement. If Sony had talked so much and had so little to actually show, would those guys be so excited or out for blood? You tell me.

Get a real game up and running with Kinect M$, and then I'll give credit where due. Its not like we just heard about this thing, they've been talking for a year. Its almost out you know. If I was considering getting one, I'd be a bit worried about how half baked it seems.

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