Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference in January A source at TGS has revealed that although the Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito will have a minor presence there, they will actually be getting an entire “Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference” where new media will most likely be revealed.

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Shang-Long3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

.... Wow next year... Looks like a 2012 releases for NA

Still waiting to hear about ff vs13 is exclusive or not..

Edit: yes so ms conference is over. now it's time for the 1. Minute vs13 trailer.. Whenever squares conference is.

Dragun6193011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

MS conference just ended. No FF versus XIII announcement. Looks like it's still set to be a PS3 Exclusive.
Maybe Square Enix will reaffirm it at TGS when they reveal that short trailer.

Gitaroo3011d ago

I think it more like Wada just want to let things cool down for a bit after all the rage the cause for FF13 announcement in Japan. Then he will announce this later.

Newtype3011d ago

Death threats got to him.

Britney Spears3011d ago

@gitaroo,no they dont think like that. you think they care about any of that,face it vs is ps3 only.

guitarded773011d ago

Not till January... I guess they want all attention on XIV.

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Shang-Long3011d ago


08:38: Footage of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is being shown on the floor, it looks similar to Kingdom Hearts.
08:38: The car that Noctis rides in has been changed from before.

KiRBY30003011d ago

changed from before? huh?? havent seen a car anywhere. we've seen 2 pics from a scan from famitsu that were in-game, the rest is CGI stuff.

kaveti66163011d ago

there's a black car kirby. it looks like a phantom or a rolls.

LordMarius3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

sigh, until next year....

Cant wait :D

syrion3011d ago

please stay exclusive !

MachinaMaw3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Ugh I was looking forward for an update on Versus for a while and I'm sure everyone else was as well.

Stealth20k3011d ago

Microsoft would have announced it if it jumped...they didnt

Its exclusive

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