Microsoft and Phantom Dust creators partner on Panzer Dragoon-like “Project Draco”

Itching for a new Panzer Dragoon? Well, Grounding Inc’s Project Draco might be just what the doctor ordered.

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happyface3010d ago

japan devs supporting the hell out of KINECT, this game is a huge win for MS

Imperator3010d ago

How is it a "huge" win for MS? We don't even know much about this game and you're already praising it? LOL

UnRated3010d ago

@ El Jugador

Because Lair was the first dragon riding game?

Lightsaber3010d ago

They should of just made Panzer dragoon 4. I'd get a kinect just for that game right there or Panzer Dragoon 2 remake in HD. If this game turns out to be as good as those I guess I'll still get it

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DeepInterludium3010d ago

Indeed it sounds very exciting...


zetsuei13010d ago

After what i have seen from the failure that NiGHTS (from Sega) was i can't help but old games should stay in the past.

But lets see, based on Panzer Dragoon it better be good.

Stealth20k3010d ago

Its not an rpg or anything just a dragon riding sucks

JAMurida3010d ago

I would rather them bring back Panzer Dragoon instead of making something like it...

clank5433010d ago

you, sir, deserve a bubble. Panzer Dragoon was amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.