Suda 51 announces new 'hardcore' Kinect title 'Codename D'

Gamerzines writes: "Punk game designer Goichi Suda has announced that Grasshopper Manufacture is working on a title for Kinect called 'Codename D'."

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Raikiri2988d ago

Finally some Hardcore Kinect games :D

MachinaMaw2988d ago

No buttons?! How is that possible...

ShadowJetX2988d ago

If there was one man to make a core, a kick ass, badass core game for kinect, it would be this man and his team of crack programmers. After No More Heros 1 & 2, I believe this is the one man to be able to do anything with motion controls. Get outta town if you disagree.

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Imperator2988d ago

I have a feeling that it'll be an on rails game.

negrito2112988d ago

on rails seems like its starting to become the new fad...

Agent-862988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

There will probably never be any "hardcore" Kinect games because its just not possible with camera games. The Eyetoy couldn't do it, the PS Eye couldn't do it....what makes you think that the Kinect can? Camera games will always be limited which is why Dr. Marks and Sony has "moved" passed them. At best, Kinect will be added as some gimmick to a core game: like throwing a grenade in a shooter or head tracking in a racing game. But the main gameplay will be with a controller which really goes against MS's "you are the controller" mantra. Kinect only games will likely be limited to casual games in the foreseeable future.

IcarusOne2988d ago

I think the trick is to combine kinect with the standard controller. There's a lot of potential in kinect if you augment the traditional controller rather than replace it.

Biggest2988d ago

So basically you're advocating for a XBox 360 Move? I don't think the Kinect will be as cheap as $40 any time soon, so the 360 Move package will probably cost quite a bit. I doubt Microsoft with bite the bullet and make their own version of Playstation Move.

Christopher2988d ago

Time will tell. But, IMHO, if there were hardcore games to be made with Kinect, they would have one of them planned for its release.

stuna12988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

So let them. Once again microsoft will prove how much a hold they have over their fanbase, it really starting to get ridiculous! I'm surprised Omega4 isn't on his job doing damage control, with some off the wall comment like "ju ju just wait until E3 20 when microsoft will show you SDF fanboi's who's king"! People have went from one major gaming conference, to another all the while saying the same thing. Oh just wait until Pax ehhh try again, gdc ehhh try again, tgs ehhh try again, e3 ehhh try again, and each time microsoft has burst major bubbles, and out of anger at microsoft, the die-hard microfanboi's deflect their anger at the sony fanbase to tear down their system of preference and its games, and then cry foul when the sony fans retaliate! Saying how so much worse the sony fans are than the xbox fans. Really it's a form of delusion in its own right, it called self fortification. The action of willing something into a physical manifestation by convincing the mind that it's real.

EDIT: To be on topic. I for on hope that this truely is a hardcore title for kinects, then maybe there would be no reason for opposing forces to lash out at each other, but I guess that just wishful thinking on my part!

Moonboots2988d ago

Can we get through just ONE TGS game announcement from MS without going into this crap??

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zetsuei12988d ago

How freakin embarrassing will be to play a ACTION game on Kinect?! Seriously KB is right to say "PEW PEW PEW".

But oh well, i'll at least give it a try.

nygamer282988d ago


PandemicPrawn02988d ago

Steel Battalion game announced for Kinect.

Stealth20k2988d ago

Kinect enabled. You play it with a real controller with kinect features

PandemicPrawn02988d ago

Thats probably the smart way to do it though.

DarkTower8052988d ago

that it will have to use voice based commands. Since Kinect seems to have issues working with players standing (rumor, but not proven false), and no hardcore game should require standing, the only thing left is voice commands.

Nitrowolf22988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

"fun and punky action game' also confirming that it will not feature guns or swords. Sorry No More Heroes fans.
A trailer is said to have featured a character throwing baseballs at Mascots."

Def sounds like a hardcore game to me

yuck come on show us something better

well that screen shot looks interesting, i will wait for the trailer

Shang-Long2988d ago

Same thing I said and was thinking

Natsu X FairyTail2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Actually from what they're saying the game looks good. The trailer tooked place in a Carnaval and Monster's Wearing Mascot Masks were surrounding the main character then he Lit up a Baseball bat on Fire and started killing them.

here's a screen .


Nitrowolf22988d ago

oh that does look interesting

GusBricker2988d ago


Keiji Inafune loves the 360.

Nitrowolf22988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Capcom game right?
This one looks good

oh i thought it was a full pledge Kinect game, i guess there are parts where you can use it

GusBricker2988d ago

IGN is literally in shock. lol

jack_burt0n2988d ago

def the most interesting title, and having from software onboard should be good.

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