Horror Game Haunt Coming from Parappa Creator for Kinect

At its Tokyo Game Show press conference, Microsoft announced that Parappa the Rapper creator Masaya Matsuura would be making a game for its motion-sensing Kinect peripheral.

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Imperator2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I still can't understand how these games will work. My guess is that it's either a combination of Kinect and the 360 pad (which defeats the point of kinect) or it's on-rails.

MisterNiwa2773d ago

Don't forget the cheese.

ArmrdChaos2773d ago

How exactly is using a game pad in conjunction with Kinect defeating the purpose of it? Just because MS is using a marketing sloagin to capture the interest of the casual market does not mean that they are somehow restricted to how they can use the hardware. "Your not allowed to have buttons because your marketing says sooooo." In the end hybrid will be the much better solution least for hardcore.

jwk942773d ago

@ArmrdChaos, it'll be better for the hardcore, but that defeats the whole entire purpose of Kinect since it's supposed to offer a "Hands-Free" experience.

Moonboots2773d ago

Armrd I am totally with you. I am excited at the possibilities of the hybrid Kinect/Controller for core games and with %99 of the games staying totally true to controller free games I can't believe there isn't some room for experimentation.

GaMe012773d ago

will decide when this game comes out I'm not falling for a bait and switch.

Eddy2232773d ago

cute graphics = NOT SCARY
kids game?

DMason2773d ago

Parappa the Rapper had cute graphics and was an awesome game for it's time, still is a great game to date. Just because it doesnt scream hardcore gamer aesthetically, doesnt mean it wont be a good game.

Eddy2232773d ago

i loved that game!
just, idk
cute isnt scary

negrito2112773d ago

its on rails like all the other kinect games

/face palm

DevilsJoker2773d ago

Is this different to 'Rise of the Nightmare'? It's like everyone thought 'A horror game will be rare for kinect, lets make that!' and now everyone realises they all had the same idea.

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The story is too old to be commented.