Space Giraffe gets 2/10 in OXM

Have you spent the last few months salivating over Jeff Minter's latest title Space Giraffe?

Xbox 360 Wire is reporting that OXM this month reviewed Space Giraffe and gave it a disappointing 2/10. Further investigation reveals that the reviewer couldnt actually play the game properly and perhaps gave the poor review out of frustration more than anything else.

YakYak moderator said

"OK, I found him on the Partnernet leaderboards. Come to think of it I remember having seen his entries before because they were a bit unusual..."

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Bleem3604048d ago

...that a reviewer can give a title a crap score because they don't know how to play properly. Just imagine if the same person had reviewed Bioshock and didnt get along with it - "It's crap, 3/10".

Lakuspakus4048d ago

Agree with the guy who agreed!

Waffle-boy4048d ago

Agreed with the guy who agreed to the guy who agreed.

Kyur4ThePain4048d ago

why we should rely on our own experience and preferences.
Don't listen to others, no matter how "experienced" or "professional" they are supposed to be. Nobody can tell you whether you'll like something or not. Only you can.

bym051d4048d ago

Has Minter made a great game since Tempest 2000?