A First Look at Playstation's Mammoth Tokyo Game Show Booth

While Microsoft is busy opening this year's Tokyo Game Show with the kick off press conference, Kotaku's industrious colleagues over at Kotaku Japan were busy swarming all over the Playstation booth.

Take a look why don't you.

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MisterNiwa2929d ago

And I thought they have mammoths at the booth. Make Believe.. ;_;

This is cool aswell, though.

NabikiTendo2929d ago

for the competition man. sony is gonna kill tgs2010 lol.

MachinaMaw2929d ago

Kevin Butler will be proud :)

blackblades2929d ago

What ever happen to nintendo conference haven't heard anything on them having a conference. What nothing to show. LOL

blackblades2929d ago

They skipped TGS they already skipped GC know this. Hm

frankymv2929d ago

those gran turismo pods look amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.