Rumour: Achievements coming to Wii?

Xbox 360 started the craze, PS3's following suit with Home and now it looks like even the Wii is hoping on the achievement bandwagon.

According to one avid GameFAQs gamer who got to play the game, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption features a "mini-achievement" system which dishes out coloured tokens for completing tasks.

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rukusa3986d ago

Im a PSWii owner, if it becomes true then Im SERIOUSLY going to dust off my Wii :).

It would be FANTASTIC news.

MACHone3986d ago

I got to watch the first hour of Corruption before GamesRadar had to take it offline, and at various points in the game, such as after completing an objective or after scanning something, a message such as "Objective Completed" would flash on the HUD, along with a colored Screw Attack symbol. It's probably the case that these are "game specific," though, similar to way "achievements" on PS3 are at the moment -- Rainbow Six Vegas, for example.

scarlett_rg3986d ago

... games have included things like this for years.

They make is seem like the very first game to ever do anything like this was for the Xbox 360.

But either way, guess it's kinda cool they're including this in MP3. There's just so much damn stuff to scan though... it can put a wee bit of monotony into the game if someone wants to unlock all the bonus material.

Bnet3433986d ago

Microsoft was the first to add these Achievement Points to every game on it's console. I don't know any other system that ever did that. Everyone thought these would be sucky, but if you look at the top 10 GameFly charts, all Xbox 360 dominated because people just want achievement points.

BIadestarX3986d ago

I remember when everyone that didnt own an xbox 360 though that achivements sucked... it seems as it's growing as Nintendo and Sony are trying to emulate Microsoft's achivements. And Microsoft's hates don't believe that Microsoft can do some things right... or at least they will not admit it.

ShadoWulf3986d ago

As for achievements in the first hour of MP3, there were actually different colored screwattack symbols awarded for things like saving Federation troopers and defeating bosses. If they were only awarded for getting to the next objective, then everyone would get the same amount :P

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