Halo: Reach makes $200 million day 1 sales

Major Nelson has just announced that Halo Reach has generated a record-setting $200 million in day one sales.

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Raikiri3009d ago

No surprise here though

Cevapi883009d ago

i imagine her mother facepalming every time she sees her daughter on tv

Immortal3213009d ago

we in a gad dang recession

Lightsaber3009d ago

El Jugador you do or you wouldnt be in here acting all butt hurt

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MisterNiwa3009d ago

I wish games better than Halo: Reach would recieve as much sales.

Didn't say Halo is bad now, did I? I only said there are better games.
And yeah I got the game, so noone thinks 'mimimi but you didn't even play it!!'.

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mrcash3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

its a stupid comment that's why, in your opinion there are better games than halo which is fine, but not everyone agrees with that statement.


Yup I don't understand how SONY can invest 50-60 million in the production of a game but not invest appropriately in marketing they have enough money to do it. promote promote promote your damn game it will only help with sales.

kaveti66163009d ago

If the publishers who publish said games don't support it with enough advertising, it's their own fault that these better games don't sell. I agree there are better games out there, but Halo Reach is a very excellent value and Microsoft at least takes enough care of it in the ad department to ensure that it sells well.

I blame Sony for not advertising Uncharted 2 as well, or even Killzone 2, or even God of War 3.

Those Kevin Butler commercials show some guy or KB playing the games far off in the distance, rather than just showing the gameplay footage.

Marketing means better sells. If Sony doesn't want to bother it's their own damn fault.

Uncharted 2 didn't cost too much money to make. It cost maybe 20 million. So Sony could have had a good deal of money for advertising.

Lightsaber3009d ago

kaveti6616 those games sold extremely well for games that are average at best.

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Sunny_D3009d ago

Damn, only 200 million? Didn't MW2 make 1 billion in a day? I was hoping for Reach to surpass it. But, MW2 is on multiple platforms so, it makes sense.

StanLee3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Are you being funny or are you really retarded to have believed MW2 made 1 billion dollars in 1 day?! It hasn't even generated 1 billion in revenue it its lifetime!!!

kaos_fish II3009d ago

MW2 did $310Mil for 1 day sales (worldwide) after 5 days it had earned $550Mil.

Captain Tuttle3007d ago

And MW2 was across 3 platforms, Halo's only on one.

ColJessup3009d ago

Haven't played this yet, but plan on it. Can't wait to see what Bungie comes up with next. You gotta think the pressure to deliver something of Halo's caliber is gonna be fierce.

Trebius3009d ago

lol...j/k. That's amazing.

But seriously ... they probably havent broken even yet ....

Lich1203009d ago

I bet they have. Bungie isn't THAT large of a studio. MW2 took 52 mil to make with many more hands working on it, over a two year period. Id be surprised if Reach's expenses surpassed that. For example, Gears of War 2 was created on an 8mil budget.

Although, thats not calculating advertising... so, lol, maybe you're right.

morkendo3009d ago

GREAT SCOTT!! 200 million in one day??
come on SONY!!

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despair3009d ago

hmm wonder if that covered the advertising costs..but really good showing(as expected).

xxchicago33xx3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

As a member of the media community I can guarantee the advertising budget was no more than $ they made their money back and some

despair3009d ago

considering they spent over 100 million to advertise Halo 3 and I heard it was even more for Reach I'm a bit skeptical of only 25-30 million as you said.

despair3009d ago

sorry got some weird numbers there, Halo 3 marketing was something like 40 million, my mistake.

MacGamer3009d ago

wow, massive sales for a single day.. I've definitely got to go and give this game a crack.

Meisadragon3009d ago

sold 3 + million day 1.

I love the game so wont hate on it like mw 2

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